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Hot Or Not??

by melmonica on November 13th, 2010

Or should the title be ‘Brave or Not??’

ANYWAY! Was in KL with Ming and I did this amazingly crazy thing!


A sweet, angelic flowery girl.


A ferocious meoww!

I’m so tempted not to use the word wildcat and I didn’t put anything on my lips I SWEAR!

Nice ma? Nice ma? Tell me!

Cos the hairdresser that cut & styled my hair is a totally non-professional. *IT has no experience beforehand and I am *IT’s first experiment!

I know, it’s a totally a big deal to have a hair makeover but I can’t wait to do it especially the day before the rest of my life and *IT’s the only option left!

Call me brave, call me silly (well, my mom called me crazy), I told *IT that no matter how good or bad it was going to turn out, imma rock the look!

Here’s the before and after situation hahaha.

Messy, ugly shoulder length hair.

I shudder just by looking at these pictures!

The after look

I know how the ‘after’ pictures are supposed to look more glowing and radiant but I sat in the chair for 2 long hours, trying not to cringe every time *IT snips off a piece of my hair so I have an exhausted ‘after’ picture.

Oh, btw we were going for the Emma Watson look but I scrap it off cos no way I’m going to cut that short with a non-professional.

Moreover, we need a shaver to cut the back of my head and we ain’t got it.

So, tell me… do you like it? Comments are welcomed! 🙂

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  1. wow… like ur new haircut…

  2. hoo you look better on long ma..

  3. I like your long hair.

  4. wow! i can’t imagined that! that is so awesome mannnn! =) loveeee!

  5. I think your face suits longer hair. 🙂

  6. long hair more nice =))

  7. I think it’s still a tad long at the back heh

  8. OMG!! cant believe u did that wehh..

  9. Wow, more people prefer long hair *gasp!

    Hilda: Ya, it’s still long for me. So after this I might go get professional hairdresser to make my hair shorter.

  10. I love the after look.. <3

  11. Hey there, thanks for the nangs in Innit =)
    Just want to ask a few question, how do I add the nuffnang ad after the post? I’m using blogger.
    Thanks ya if you can help =)
    Cause according to blogger, I need to register for I-don’t-know-what =(
    Do visit me back =)

  12. WOW!! You look fierce in your picture! Sexy fierce! I felt like you have more confidence with this new haircut!

    Don’t worry, everybody SHOULD try new hairstyles so way to go girl!!

    I’m going to go for a half shave SOON HEHEHEH!!

    Girl power yo!!

  13. ohh..punkish edgy look 😀 the back is quite long though…

  14. Hey Mel! OMG I cant wait to see your version of half shave too *hee

    Chuen: Yalor, me wana cut it shorter after it grows longer a bit lolz!

    Sherry: Thanks babe 🙂

  15. Wow, nice hair cut. =D

  16. Hot!!tanx nang me Already follow u 🙂

  17. omg.. so ‘yeng’ !!! u really brave!

  18. wow..u rocks!!i haven hav the guts to try this hairstyle lo XP

  19. wow…u look rocks!!! Let’s rock the CITY!

  20. This is brave and CRAZY, Mel!!! How could you shorten it that way… it looks so COOL!!! ^^

    Thats a good try..

  21. Parts of it are very uneven. should trim here and there a bit. But courage is the word. XD

    btw, it’s nowhere near bald ok… it’s just short.

  22. Thanks all for the support!

    Jfish: You’re right, it was simply cut bcos I took a newbie to cut for me. I’ll let it grow longer then only cut shorter. Don’t want the professional hairdresser to scold me for simply cutting my hair T__T

  23. ker jia permalink

    wow!U looked so different!**Shocked**

  24. WAH!!! Salute you for being brave!! should cut like rihanna!

  25. Yee: Haha, perhaps the next visit to the saloon 🙂

  26. lol i want short hair but not THAT short 😡

  27. omg u’re so brave!!

  28. You look better with the long hair.

  29. look yeng

  30. Wow nice hair cute:O i’m wanted to cut hair like the women from the sound of music too XD

  31. Karmun permalink

    Wow,short le. I don’t dare to try it lo.

  32. feroshhh babydoll feroshhh..! holla :O

  33. You’ve certainly got spunk =)

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