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Hello I’m Alive!

by melmonica on October 21st, 2013


Hello there! Yes, I’m alive. Well and healthy. Thank you for asking lol.

I’ve been virtually missing for quite some time due to no-internet life.

// things happen when you’re so used to getting free wi-fi that i refused to pay but technology is part of our life so hrmph Celcom’s 6GB plan it is then!


Anyway, i’ve been pretty occupied with lots of stuffs like work and friends.

Who would have thought that one day, the girl who self-proclaimed that she is allergic to coffee is working as a barista in the green apron coffee house 😉

Kenny and Leon dropped by Sitiawan during the long weekend. So nice of them to stay until I finish work <3

Before they headed back to KL, Leon insisted that I make him a coffee art. Which I failed miserably. I’m so sorry buds 🙁


My life is pretty much tied up with the green apron coffee house.

When I’m not working, I’m chillin’ with the people from the other green apron coffee house.

Sweet la this two come to Sitiawan just to hang out with me. Soon, it’ll be my turn to find you guys in Ipoh!


When we’re not working, we’re busy laughing. There’s never a dull moment with these two.


And I had the most insane Skype time with Mok.

//screenshots from our video chat LOL. Check out that ass yo! No, it’s not Mok’s.


I’ve noticed that Mok has changed a little. In the past, whenever I showed him some affection, he will get all angsty. But now he just play along which is kinda fun.

But i was unhappy that he was in transit in KLIA for 7 friggin’ hours and he didn’t bother to tell me hrmph. We could have met y’know! Now I don’t know when’s the next time imma see him T3T


Some of the silly stuffs we said.

Mok: Can i go to Starbucks?

Mel: Aww you want me to make coffee for you? But i thought you don’t drink coffee?

Mok: I do just not that often.

Mel: Okay and I will pee in your coffee wtf.


Mok: You know, when I was in Malaysia I had rendang. Oh my god, i really miss your rendang and bak kut teh.

Mel: Aww <3 Who’s bak kut teh is more delicious? Ozias or mine?

Mok: Umm… Ozias but i like your rendang. Rendang chulseyo.


While I was showing Mok my house…


Mel: And this is my room… and here’s Agnes!

Mok: OMG Agnes, long time no see.

Mel: Do you miss Agnes?

Mok: I should have killed it a long time ago.

Mel: So tell me, who do you miss more? Agnes or me?

Mok: Umm… hmm… well… I don’t know.


Mok: What time is it now?

Mel: 11.47am and your side?

Mok: 2.47pm now.

Mel: Oh just 3 hours time difference.

Mok: What’s the temperature there now?

Mel: Wait ya… it’s kinda cold today. Really strong wind and raining. Okay, 27 degrees.

Mok: What?! That’s too hot!

Mel: Hey, it’s cold already in Malaysia okay!! What’s the temperature at your side?

Mok: 17 degrees. Not too hot, not too cold.


Mok: Melissa, seriously.

Mel: *annoyed* What?!

Mok: I think I’m really handsome.



Mok: Okay I need to poo now.

Mel: Can I watch you poo?

Mok: Ok!

*points camera all over the bathroom including the toilet seat and showed me his view from where he’s seating*

Mok: Can i turn off the video now? Please?

Mel: Okay sure haha.



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