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Food in Muar & A Hamsap Bisexual Dog

by melmonica on September 24th, 2010

Owh my gosh, it’s been ages since I blogged.  I just came back from a loooong holiday. Few weeks ago, I celebrated Raya in Muar. Took a bus from Sitiawan and the journey took 6 1/2 hours (need to state here before I forget in the future). It was one heck of a journey. Listening to Black Box Recorder, A Fine Frenzy, KT Tunstall; singers whom I don’t usually listen to. But their music are cool. Something which I will listen to for a very long time. Baby concluded that my music style is indie pop. Most of them sing weird and effortless song.

On the first day, baby’s mom cooked me my favourite meal. Her delicious chili Japanese tofu. Fell in love with it  years ago however on that day, the chili Japanese tofu wasn’t up to our expectation. Maybe auntie felt pressured cooking for us lolz!

Meet baby’s hamsap bisexual nameless dog. If it wasn’t so cute, I would have kicked the dog. One day, I sat on the sofa while waiting for baby’s friend to pick us up. And I don’t know what has gotten into this dog, it started sniffing my knee. Luckily I was wearing leggings so that its  saliva wouldn’t go all over me (but still in the end I smelt like dog’s saliva). And suddenly it started doing the doggy style. While sniffing my knee (!!!). I was astounded (!!!), cried for help and baby shoo-ed the dog away.

One evening, baby was standing behind his bro, watching him play some computer games and suddenly this hamsap dog came sniffing baby’s knee, trying to stand while looking for his knee for support and started doing the doggy style. OMG, that was the last that I let the dog come near me. I wonder, is this normal for all dog’s owner?

On my second day, headed to my favourite rojak at Tanjung (ask Muarian, they would know where is it de) and ordered some side dishes.

My manisan

Their not-so-cantek ABC. Lai, I show you how ‘decorative’ is Sitiawan’s.

Nice leh… for only RM3.50. Don’t ask me the previous food pics cos how much cos people pay for me de -.-” Anyway, Muar food is relatively cheap and good.

I don’t know what this is called but it’s soooo good. A must have for my next trip to Muar.

Finally my rojak arrived! But it wasn’t what I expected. Cos the char kuey is soft (fyi, fried char kuey is eaten together in northern region). So, it was out of my ‘Must Eat Food in Muar’ list.


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  1. wow..ur doggie looks [email protected]@..haha..
    FOOD!!*drools and faints*

  2. where are the other good famous food !!! aikz..

  3. ngtongsheng permalink

    Where is the beef noodle and otak-otak picture!!

    nice photo you got here, ganbatte ya!

  4. lol… have you met Namewee there before?

    btw the foods look tempting! 😛

  5. The dog looks so cute and innocent.. looks are deceiving huh even for dogs. haha

  6. yea thank goodness the dog is cute hahaa now i want to have abc at 4am x[

  7. droooll

  8. bisexual dog? LOL

  9. hahaha.. nice food!
    come melaka too lah! wakakaka….

  10. Dropping by ere. Nice food there. =)

  11. Ohhhhh! Nom nom!

  12. nice blog….

  13. Wow.. nice food here.

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    Is this possible?

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