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Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang Restaurant

by melmonica on September 28th, 2010

Welcome to Ban Lee Siang, Malacca!

Where people all over Malaysia travel to Malacca and queued up just to dip satay in blended peanut sauce. In this case, we waited hours approximatey *20 minutes.

We were there around 2030 and as you can see lots of people queueing up.

No entertainment around so while waiting, we watched other people eat *pathetic T__T

This father was clicking his DSLR away while eating.

Seeing the workers coming out with more food didn’t make the situation any better *salivates

Tips to get table. You can either queue patiently with the crowd at the entrance or you can try your luck by targeting which table will finish soon and stand expectingly beside them while tapping your sweet little feet.

Once they stand up, smile, give way and chup your place!!!

Funny drama in this scene. *Pls click to enlarge sorry my pics not big enough

Well, make sure you click ya. I swear it’s damn funny (took me some time to think of jokes & edit it okay!) If it’s not funny, then you may call 1-800-MELJOKENOTFUNNY. Money back guarantee wtf

You’d bound to meet people selling all kinds of things.

Mau makan tak?

Wahh, enough of taking pics. Let’s makan!!

The suai ge Chua Wei Wen. Umur 24 tahun. Single. Available. Sedang mencari teman hidup. Want his contact number, please leave a comment πŸ˜›

Fan Ya Fu. 24 tahun. Macam single dan selalu available. Sangat berbakat dalam pelbagai aktiviti. Sedang mencari teman untuk bermain the green boobies wtf.

On that day, we were lucky that the prawn was so effing fresh & juicy. The boys ate like almost 20 sticks.

Occasionally the staffs will refill the blended peanut sauce and stir it for you. The difference between Ban Lee Siang’s satay celup is while we were there (1 hour) they only stir for us once. But in Capitol (#1 Satay Celup restaurant in Malacca) on and off, they will come and stir for you.

Customer service BLS 0 Capitol 1

The sauce in Capitol is thicker and saturated but in Ban Lee Siang, it is more watery.

Blended peanut sauce BLS 0 Capitol 1

And I noticed that the wall on Ban Lee Siang is very bare compared to Capitol with its strings of celebrity pics pasted around.

Celebrity visited BLS 0 Capitol 1

BLS 0 Capitol 3

Now I don’t have prove for Capitol cos I went there like 2 years ago. That time don’t haveΒ DSLR camera yet wtf. But you can count on me when the next time I head down to Malacca, I die die also will go to Capitol and relive all the delicious memories of eating satay celup there!

I ate like 15 sticks before surrendering. The boys ate double. Anyway, one stick cost like *60 cents and I observed that the staff did not separate the colour coded sticks.

Good food makes people happy. Writing this makes me hungry. It’s 5.59pm. Imma have early dinner today bai.

*subject to change

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  1. Cloud permalink

    wakaka~single and alwalys available, nice statement~
    looks like nice, i wan eat oso lah >.<

  2. Gosh, I haven’t been to Melaka for a long time! πŸ˜€

  3. the restaurant name sounds familiar… don’t tell me they close their shop in Muar and open in Malacca

  4. WOW! i wanan go malacca and try it already
    nomm nomm *drool

  5. Looks nice but I don’t think I can eat them.

  6. wow! i was there months ago but couldn’t find a place to sit..
    had to leave wit empty stomach πŸ™

  7. wuah i also want!

  8. Wao, nice one there. Satay Celup.. Yummy.

  9. Ronnie: Not sure leh. Got satay celup restaurant in Muar before this?

    Tolanic: Why you can’t eat them? Allergic?

    All: Should go for Capitol one. I think it’s more worth it.

  10. waaaah… makes me want to eat satay tonight! Hmmm…:D

  11. i want of the nicest thing to eat when in melaka~

  12. food pictures make me hungry T_T

  13. this is the reason im proud to be Malaccan xD

  14. Taufu: Yes it’s their specialty.

    Tzeching: Haha… go makan lerr.

    Chris: Lucky you hrmph.

  15. Satay celup looks delicious and mouthwatering!

  16. this post make me miss capitol satay celup. slurrrp!

  17. Wah, so rajin take photo, if I first , photo tengok dulu…anyways thx for dropping by my blog.

  18. LMAO!!!! hahahaha!
    i actually click on your “dramma scene”.
    and guess wat, i saw my friend in the picture!
    the dude in white and the dude in green which u saying he is having stomach pain!

  19. Nisa: It is A MUST TRY delicacy in Malacca!

    Smoochie: I miss Capitol satay celup too *sobs

    MD: Haha… cannot la. If makan first then terus makan d wont remember to take pics πŸ˜›

    Xinyi: Seriously? Oops… will he see his pics here? XP

  20. slurp~ure makin me hungry now!
    gona crave for it for the whole month now!

  21. Hi…nice food u have…thx for visit me ..

  22. Yee: Lolz! Why crave one month nia?

    Sharkox: Thanks for visiting too =)

  23. wao…15 sticks…I am kind of person that stops on 10th stick.I know I sucks.

    • Haha Ai Wei, it’s not like everytime I get to eat satay celup so must eat as much as possible when I have the chance.

  24. Good site. Yeah the captions are good. So I don’t have to dial for refunds.

    BLS and Capitol are more or less the same, but I found that at Capitol, the sauce is a little too oily. Hence the jelak feeling came rushing over very fast.

  25. J2K: Really? Hmm… in that case need to go to Capitol and refresh my memories haha.

  26. wow..huge crowd. I miss malacca’s satay celup πŸ™

  27. Whoaaaaaaa!!!! Nice one! love all your photos….. I wish I have a great camera so that I can take so many great pictures with it!!! So envious of you!!!

    btw….. can I have that Chua Wei Wen’s number? ahakz…….j-k! No, really… can I have his phone num?

  28. Mowtress Dongemain permalink

    Ya…Can I hv the Chua Wei Wen no. too…?? Pls….

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