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No More Dunedin For Us

by melmonica on February 12th, 2015


2 Mondays ago, the bf and I made an impromptu decision to go to Dunedin. What to do there? Eat lah! 😀 Plus we’ve been there during winter & spring. So must also go there during summer time so that… i can do fashion show there wtf.


I had a hankering for dimsum so we went to Sichuan 88 at Mornington.


The bf decided to be adventurous and wanted to try the Egg Chee Cheong Fun. I was leaning towards the shrimp one but nevermind lah sayang him so let him order this. We limited ourselves to only 5 plates so that we have room for more food hehe.

And the other 4 plates are… in my tummy wtf. Too ravenous to bother letting my camera eat first. It’s my trip, i eat first!

Total damage was about $25 if i’m not mistaken. So cheap leh!



We went a walk around town and it started drizzling. Absolute good day to wear maxi dress, no?

We went to the museum to seek shelter.

Him: We came here before!

Her: I know. But they change their exhibition every month one. So it’s new.


I was wrong. Sigh. But they had an insect exhibition and i don’t remember visiting it the other time so in, boy! Entertained ourselves with useless facts and the countless varieties of insects then headed to the top floor to see the Island heritage.

The bf and i are planning to go to Samoa for our 2nd year anniversary so we went and got familiarized ourselves with the Samoan heritage. The outcome: Samoa/ Fiji/ Cook Island/ Tonga – all also lookalike and similar one.

I’m kinda excited for the trip as I’ve been to the South Pacific in 2013 and enjoyed the beautiful scenery extensively. So happy that this time i get to enjoy it with him <3


Okay back to Dunedin.

We were feeling for a quick snack but don’t know what to have. Walked past this ice cream store which had a beeline of students so we decided to check it out. Had boysenberry (very NZ) and frozen yogurt (act healthy) but nah… taste absolutely ordinary.

One hand tugging my dress, the other juggling my melting ice cream is no easy feat. Sumore i’m so clumsy that i had my nose dipped into the ice cream a couple of times. A bit embarrassing but as my usual antics i’ll just laugh it off.


Then… we googled best coffee in Dunedin. Answer : The Good Oil Cafe. We were there at 3.45 pm and they told us that the kitchen is closed. Ok fine coz i’m just here to have my cuppa.


Trim Cappuccino for him.

Trim Mocha for her.

At 4pm, they locked the 2nd door, people slowly making their way out and they started to do closing. Gahhhhh! Obviously i wasn’t so happy that I had to hastily drink my coffee. Can’t a girl who traveled for 3 hours drink her coffee in peace? Working in F&B line i understand their predicament. So nevermind la. Give you face!

The verdict: True to the reviews, the coffee was great! Can rival the one at Vudu Cafe, Queenstown. Would have put them above Vudu if they had just let me enjoy my coffee. Hrmph.


After that, we went to watch The Imitation Game and it was mediocre for me. With all due respect, the previous week, I watched Unbroken which was brilliant and to (unfairly) compare them both, hence the average point for it.


After that we went for Japs coz we haven’t tried Japs in Dunedin before. Googled for the best one wtf and decided on Tokyo Garden Restaurant. Saw a group of Japs and thought ok lah should be good right?

Umm, it was a missed wtf. Food was too average for the exorbitant price. I would rather have Chopstick 101 anytime. At 8.45pm I wanted to tapau bubble milk tea but the restaurant is closed wtf. Seriously, living in NZ ah. On Monday nights, restaurant etc closed early one. Needless to say, I went home with a broken heart 🙁


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  1. mintkleaves permalink

    Just Dunedin lo Akl places doesn’t close that early haha

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