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Hella Good Pizza

by melmonica on January 15th, 2015


We’re in the second week of the year, how is 2015 treating you so far? Yesterday (14/1) was our 20 monthsary *gasp* and i was like wtf 4 more months to 2 years already? 2 years with this dude?! Tsk 😛

Last year i promised the boy to treat him makan Hell Pizza when i got a job but i didn’t have the chance to do it until now. In the end, he footed the bill *tsk* coz my wages wasn’t in at that time.

I let the boy picked the type of pizza he wanted with one condition – I choose the spiciness level.

He picked the Seafood pizza *cringed*and I was feeling naughty (and spiced) so I picked extremely spicy:P

This is the unhealthiest breakfast we’ve ever had. While we were busy shamelessly digging in in Queens Park, we were surrounded by joggers and cyclist. Whatevs. Eat and be happy right?! 😀

I was so intrigued with the graphic, i didn’t realized that it forms the number 666 which is the number of beast.


Our $18.50, 12.5 inch “Underworld” pizza. Loaded with smoked mussel, crumbed calamari, shrimps and garlic pepper. It was so yums that my first bite literally brought me to tears… because i bit into a chili T.T

I love my spicy food so it was an addictive feeling. Every bite gives me a pleasurable sensation that eventually leave us with numb tongue and red lips. I’m salivating as i’m typing & reminiscing that syiok feeling.

Oh, coffee is from The Seriously Good Chocolate Company. Nothing to shout about but my Mocha tasted pretty similar to the mocha i had in Vudu Cafe, QT which i suspect maybe they use the same coffee bean.

After my first bite with the cili padi scenario, the boy and i started picking out all the chili from the pizza that they so generously gave.

Look at that! Siao right?

Sayang’s first word when he had his first bite was, “WAH HOT AS HELL!”

Thus i’m glad that it did not disappoint. Living in a western country, many times i have asked for extremely spicy food but it was bland. There was once an Asian customer asked what is the spiciest sauce in Subway and i answered “Sweet Chili”. I know how she feels 🙁

Would i go in and order “Hot As Hell” again? Unfortunately no. Look at the amount of cili we wasted. Should have brought home and make full use of it wtf coz in here, a pack of 5 chilies is $8-10.

After the torturing but oh-so-satisfying meal, i’m so looking forward to my toilet time. Haha.


After makan kenyang, we noticed the perforated outline on the pizza box and sayang started tearing and folded it and it then formed into a coffin. How creative is that?!


The boy kept gushing and was so mesmerized by this like a kid LOL. I then explain to him the process of designing and producing it. Can see stars in his eyes LOL. Made him take pics with it also LOL.


My turn! <3


Initially i thought the coffin box is just a gimmick but it’s actually to keep your leftover pizza. How clever is that?! Sumore the graphic is so apt.

On the way home, i thank him for treating and he gave me a puzzled look, “What?! Next time your turn to belanja la. You promise already right?!”

Haha okok. Nak makan cakap la. Tak yah nak buat alasan 😛


Hell Pizza has certainly spoil my taste buds. I’m never going to go for Domino’s and Pizza Hut anymore. Check out their extensive menu of pizzas and sides here. And no, i’m not paid by them to write this haha. Not qualified also lah.



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