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Dari – The Korean Bridge Cafe

by melmonica on November 3rd, 2010

One night, I was super hungry. I was craving for something special to fill my tiny tummy. And for days already, baby & I ate simple food and I was thinking, how can I diet when I’m in Penang aka food heaven?

So, we were on the lookout. Simply drive until TarC and this interior caught my eyes.

How can you say no to such an artful cafe?!

It’s a sin for not entering!

I was dead hungry so ORDER!

Apparently Dari means bridge in Korean. And the owner, David Moon (I know, tak Korean right his name) has a thing for bridge. All the pictures in this cafe was drawn by him.

Him explaining the concept cafe to us. Love his t-shirt btw, why didn’t Elias design one of us like that in uni??

And all the pictures depict the concept of bridge. E.g. People sitting in front of each other are connected by a bridge.

He did take a picture of us illustrating the idea but my hair was super messy so am not gonna post it here πŸ˜›

Soon our food arrive.

Spicy Rice Cake with Vege



Very filling and SPICY! Just nice for two small eater like us.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Bokumbap


Gosh, I love the kimchi! And the egg look so cute, really bu she de eat it. After eating here, Korean food is officially my fav food! No more Japs jor. Cos Japs food taste almost the same geh everywhere. And I love Korean food cos it’s a tad spicy. Like it! πŸ˜€

Mr. David served my dessert last, like how it should be. You know how some people serve dessert together with the main course and switching between warm spicy food and sweet cold food is not good for your pearly whites.

Korean Ice Kacang


The sweetness is just right for us. What a nice way to end our satisfying meal πŸ™‚

And then David served baby coffee on the house! The perks of being a blogger. No la, he didn’t know that I’m a blogger also.

See the coffee isΒ engraved inscribe with the word Dari πŸ™‚

Baby say the coffee tasted nice but too bad it was cold jor.

The love of my life.

The love of his life wtf.

I would actually come back here just to chill out. Too bad when we arrived, it was already closing but kind owner extend his working hours for us πŸ™‚

While writing this, I actually drag my mom to the laptop to look at the pics cos the place is so pretty! Mommy says that it looks so comfy like a home. Awww…

I would someday love to own a place like this. Restaurant by day, cafe by night. A mix of Betty Midwest Kitchen at Aman SuriaΒ  and The Bee at Jaya One. Main purpose is of course make people happy with food whilst meeting people.

Here, you can learning language too! David came to Malaysia, 2 years ago to learn English. So, he has this program called ‘Language Exchange’, teaching people a language you know in exchange of learning the language you want. For example, Ali is looking for someone to teach him Japanese and since I can teach Japanese, I’d volunteer! Provided he can teach me Spanish but I doubt it wtf

Very cool concept kan? You get to chill, meet people and learn a whole new language at one go!

Writing this post makes me wana drive all the way to Penang just to chill at the cafe! Sigh… how I miss it T__T

Even the mural on the wall is drawn by David *sigh so artistic

And some furniture (which consisted of top office chairs) he bought it after consulting muraledesign to ensure that the second hand furniture can be re-painted. This allows the home owners to spice up the room whenever.

Anyway, what would a Korean themed cafe be without the Wonder Girls and 2PM kan? For K-Drama/Songs/Movies lover, you should totally come here. Then you can impress David with your self-learnt Korean language teehee~

Unfortunately, the only foreign language I can speak is Japanese so… no chance to impress people wtf.

Detailing is vital for a concept cafe and he certainly did a good job!

Dari- The Korean Bridge Cafe is located at Permai 32, No. 30 (near Blue Reef), Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Pulau Pinang.

It opens from Monday to Saturday (9am – 9pm)

Go ahead and visit Dari Cafe when you’re in Penang. It is a MUST GO PLACES in Penang πŸ™‚


Whoops! Actually, all the paintings in the cafe is done by David’s friend. Sorry ya, I stand corrected. Nevertheless, it’s still an awesome cafe. Cheerios~

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  1. Bestnya….HALALKAH??
    Restauran pun nyaman je..

  2. aiyah… so far.. PG… its nice… i sure will dropby if happen i at PG..

  3. good post! hungry now -.-! =P

  4. I love the cafe’s interior, simple yet attractive. nice post ler! πŸ™‚

  5. OMG I’ve been in Penang for my whole life and never knew this place existed lol.

  6. Akakcomey: I think it’s halal. Cos BM language is taught here πŸ™‚

    Soul: Yes, must drop by next time!

    KF: Hehe, me hungry too now πŸ˜›

    Vir Anthony: Thanks! Me likey too.

    Lynnia: Then there is no excuse for you not going! Cheerios~

  7. eh eh that place look very nice leh… and i <3 korean food also… and the price quite ok for korean food..its usually a bit more expensive… wahhh i wanna gooooooo… and the interior… awesome!

  8. wow! didnt knwo penang got such a nice cafe to visit~

  9. so cantek the interior!

  10. wow… nice deco!

  11. I love Korean food too, the price of the food here looks very reasonable.

  12. All: Yes, it’s very worth it to go. So when y’all head up, must drop by. Cheerios x)

  13. wow it looks nice and the price is so reasonable~~ korean food, i suka!!!

  14. cool place….

  15. nice blog u have.

  16. ok nice food, nice place…but i’m not allowed to eat out YET…

  17. added this in my “places to eat” list already!

  18. ahhh..such a nice cafe! I love Korean food πŸ˜€ why issit in Penang πŸ™

  19. It’s really MORE THAN A RESTAURANT! Must try in my next visit to penang πŸ™‚

  20. interesting shop, going into my must visit list when i am up in penang.

  21. so wish to step in the cafe one day!looks great!the cafe is located in penang island or butterworth?

  22. Hey Mel, I wana go!! Bring me here next time I visit to penang!! OK??
    Anyway, thought u’re from perak?? O,o

  23. I love those complimentary small dishes korean restaurants serve before the mains arrive.

  24. really nice cafe.. awesome..

  25. the cafe so cute. and it make me craving for korean food πŸ™‚

  26. very nais deco ! πŸ™‚

  27. tell me how to go there! i wanna go there if i know how to drive!!!!!

  28. nice blog about food..

  29. lembah permai? i live near there but never knew this place existed..izit new? i cycle around there sometimes but i’ve never noticed it..

    btw, the food i ordered at decanter is below RM20..the normal range is from about 15-18..

  30. the coffee has name? good idea…

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