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The Seams and Sea of Shoes

by melmonica on December 1st, 2010

Recently, I signed up to Bloglovin. A site that helps you to keep track of your favourite blog when they have updated. The first time I saw it was in Trang’s blog. I love her dressing and her humbling personality despite winning America’s Most Stylish Blogger

Look at the Zara boots! Lovesss!

Photo credit: The Seams

From time to time, she shares her DIY project. Must go check it out!

Another fashionista that I love reading is Jane Aldridge’s Sea of Shoes. I first heard of her in in this episode of The City. She is the epitome of Blair & Serena from Gossip Girls without the drama.

I love this picture of her. Love the sephia colour and I love how she tied her red hair with scarf. It puts me at a crossroad if I should cut my hair shorter or keep it longer. Well, it’s impossble for me to have long red hair right? Then, I’ll look like this.

Not that I have Tyra Banks looks but I’m assuming we have the same skin tone.

I also love her blog for its amazingly creative use of colours. Her dressing is one I would not wear (Hello! Malaysia!!) but I love love all her portrait pictures.

There are too many pictures that I love of her that you guys just need to check out.

Have fun being mesmerized!

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  1. I love Behind The Seams too! I’m one of the follower of her blog! HI-5!!

    btw, i’ve replied ur comment in my jipaban post –>

  2. she’s really2 beautiful! 🙂 love the piccas! 🙂

  3. Okay, I also start learning about fashion. LOL As if I’ll be good at it.

  4. If you want to keep track of blogs, why not just subscribe to their RSS feeds. And whenever there is something new, there will be a notification to inform you so.

  5. i got the bloglovin too.but not much ppl from there visit me… =[

  6. wow she is gorgeous!

  7. those are really nice pic!

  8. wow.. the pic is so nice…. i like it… thanks for sharing..

  9. i linked her blog. wow shes stylish

  10. Xing: Hi 5! 😀

    Queen F & Miao: Who are you referring to?

    Vince: Bring out the metrosexuality in you! 😀

    Darran: Bloglovin’ is just a way to keep track of their blog. Other than that, it’s a blog community like Nuffnang only thing is, more creative people are over there (for me to stalk!) haha.

    Karmun: I think these things take time. Keep it up:)

    Simon & Soul: Yeah, their pictures are beautiful 🙂

  11. they are reali pretty

  12. all of them are pretty! ^_^

  13. hello there, nice layout

  14. haha nice photo leh 😀 sweet ..

  15. Camy & Sonny: Yalor! Wish I’m as pretty as them *flutters

    Salty: Thanks!

  16. thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I’m still using the following function in blogger for now

  17. Hi there!! Love the pictures of these fashionable girls.. When are you going to put up pictures of yourself with red hair! LOL!

  18. nice photos..i like it..

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