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Playboy Fragrance for Women

by melmonica on May 16th, 2011

Was invited by Nuffnang to join in the fun of Playboy Fragrance for Women launch.

Pictures edited by Tong Sheng. Not nice blame him. If nice, please praise him wtf.

Maserati Granturismo S 09

The event was held in the middle of Mid Valley.

You can never missed the iconic symbol.

We were invited to hype up the launch of Playboy Fragrance for Women.

One of the many exciting activities lined up for the crowd.

Another game which requires you to match the hair band to the respective mannequin.

Introducing the 6Ps that we can choose

to emulate their dressing.

From left: Miss Precious Stone, Miss Posh Car, Miss Platinum Card, Miss Pent House, Miss Playboy and Miss Perfect Dress.

Guess which one I went for wtf.

Not her of course. She’s the handbag model for the event.

For this event, all invited bloggers must wear this bunny hair band lolz. Was a bit reluctant to wear it at first cuz I took the effort to do my hair. Well, not that it will make a big difference anyway.

Oh and we also need to stick this bunny tattoo on our arms. Sherry‘s #3 after me *nervous

We have to strut down the imaginary catwalk.

And answer creatively on how Playboy model can change the world wtf.

No la, actually each person had to pick a paper which contains our question.

I remember clearly my question was, ‘What is the sexiest clothing a woman can wear?’

And I answered ‘Jeans and t-shirt.’ Cuz seriously, you don’t have to dress skimpily to look sexy. If you can look good in only jeans and t-shirt, then chances are you’d probably look good in just about anything!

The judges. Smiling deliciously to some of our answers wtf.

The winner walked away with a Burberry sling bag worth RM2,000. I was a bit bummed not winning it. Not that I’m a luxury bag  junkie wtf. Nevertheless, congratulations to the winner for dressing up as a bunny and winning it wtf.

Love this collection. It’s super affordable. If my memory serves me right, it is selling at RM39.90 for one bottle. The kind people at Playboy gave us some products and samples to take home. I gave mom the Play It Lovely perfume and she loves it. Really sweet and feminine-scented.

Just an artsy picture of Play It Sexy bottle.

Met some new friends.

The famous Jess Lee and Coreen.

What else is better than being paid to write? Get free make up of course! And Jess is a beauty blogger and gets free stuffs every time to play with *envious

Camwhore moment.

A decent picture of Sherry and I. Lovessss~

I know. I took a gazillion pictures during that event but it is not featured here cos in baby words, ‘Picture quality not up to my standard.’

Psst. He only edits pictures that worth his time wtf.

If you wana stalk me sampat see more pictures of the event, click here!

Till then, go try the perfume. It’s really nice. A bit regret gave it to my mom wtf.

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  1. Playboy! Finally your post is up. Nice writup and lots of pics melissa! 🙂

  2. hey mell just thought to say hi. i am ash we met the other day.view my blog

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