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Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar

by melmonica on June 21st, 2011

Although some people would call me the ‘slow’ blogger, I would like to see myself as a sustainable blogger. Because imagine if all the blogger were to blog immediately after your event, then your news will ‘die’ overnight in a week or so? Therefore, to keep the conversation about your brand or event, here I am so excited talking about Weissbrau!

I’ve never been to a German bar before so this is kind of interesting.

Finding it was easy peasy. Strategically located in Pavilion, it is at the alfresco area.

Weissbrau is a German word combination of ‘Weis’ (which means white) and ‘brau’ (which mean brew). Thus, white brew or white beer.

002 copy

When we arrived, the place was packed like sardine!

Weissbrau launched its menu to a star-studded group of friends, media and patron.

And due to limited seats,  we were squeezing ourselves, looking for a decent place to eat.

We had to cram ourselves and eat (uncomfortably awkwardly) overlooking this.

019 copy

And this.

And this.

And this this this.

And this this this this.

Haha. We basically knew what food is coming out before it is served.

003 copy

Great food + good company = Perfect happy hours!

Thanks to Weissbrau, all the scrumptious food and drinks were free flow 🙂

008 copy

005 copy

001 copy

Some of the food which I absolutely can’t get enough of!

Goodbye weight watcher, hello happy tummy

013 copy

And some food which I wish I had tried (cos the food was sapu-ed even before I get my hands on ’em)

Spotted a couple of celebrity bloggers like

022 copy

1/8 of kyspeaks

And some other celebrity bloggers like Shaolin Tiger and Kimberly Cun (did I spell her name correctly?)

Jay Menon and Will Quah was there as well. Nah, I don’t go gaga over celebrities.

014 copy

A pretty pic with pretty Carmen.

You can never catch her wearing the same outfit (twice!) in any event.

Weisbrau do not only serve good food and attentive service, they have a live band that is worth listening.

They are up and coming Malaysian band called Mad Sally (pronounce as Mat Salleh LOL)

And they are really good.

Like so damn good I’d go there just to listen to them sing.

007 copy

011 copy

See what did I tell you about food vanished before your eyes. Here are all the culprits 😛

010 copy

012 copy

015 copy

016 copy

018 copy

I would certainly go there again (especially when the band plays!) cos Mad Sally is the very few live bands that I like.

So, people who works around Pavillion (you lucky bitches) go have your happy hours at Weissbrau German Bar and Bistro.

And don’t tweet about it & make me go all jealous wtf.

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  1. nice food there

  2. Love the sausages there XD I want more of those sausagessss

  3. hiya! Love your blog, its got such awesome pictures!! Thx for reviewing Weissbrau, I used to work in Pavilion and i’ve always wondered whether it was worth trying out 🙂

    • Hi there!

      You should totally pay them a visit. The atmosphere is just awesome. Perfect for happy hours! And the price for food is pretty affordable ranging from RM20.

      Go ahead and have a great time! 🙂

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