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#RWMF: Santubong Day #2

by melmonica on August 28th, 2011

And so, after a good night sleep woke up at 645am to go swimming!
Excited that I got myself an air brushed tattoo. Showing it off to Emmanuel.

While he shook his head saying I’ve becoming wilder -.-

I don’t usually do regrets but I was totally pissed at myself for:

1. Not charging my camera

2. Not clearing off old pictures from my camera.

So I went to RWMF Day #2 with limitation on how many pictures I can take only.

Upon reaching there, we met up with Chloe and her friends and went into a musical workshop.

What’s cool about the workshop is musician from all over the world come to #RWMF to showcase their talent and at the end of it, they will spontaneously play whatever song is on their mind together. Bear in mind, it’s not just about simply hantam whatever tune you want, they do actually listen to each other and make it work.

Here’s a video on one of the musicians.

So after that, we went sightseeing around the place (no pictures)

Until it’s almost dinner time that I start to take pictures again.

This picture reminds me of my childhood. One of the assignment during arts class was to create your own pot/ vase etc using clay. And me being a princess procrastinator panicked one day before the dateline. Daddy come to the rescue and finished my project heh.

One of the reasons why I am coming back to Rainforest next year is because I want to do this. Was this close to doing it but I didn’t had the balls guts to do it cos no right kaki wtf. Next year must bring boyfriend then we together gether do it.

Then we go get some tattoo.

Sherry was going for Geisha on her abdomen.

Ta-dahh. Nice anot!

Boss went for some tribal/ ethnic design on both arm. Cost a freakin’ RM100 leh. And only last for like… 2 days? Boohoo.

If I ever get myself a tattoo, I’d go for something small and peek-a-boo kinda thing. So start with a fake one on the wrist wtf.

Naruto look-alike wtf.

I’m bringing sexy back.

A close-up on Sherry’s comot Geisha.

Boss showing his RM100 tattoo while it lasts.

Time to partay~!

Hi Kitty Cat 🙂

Then we went nearer to the stage for better view.

It was such a blast with them. I was literally jumping around, dancing, twirling, and whatever weird movement you can ever think of. Yes, I did a little of the Iban dance as well -.-

Then we went to Heinekabana to quench thirst.

Here’s Sherry with the number of vouchers we still can redeem for free drink. Me being not a drinker, took like few sips. The rest all went for second round.

A very happy Mel.

Please bear with the blur photo. It’s from my mobile >.<

I realised that when I drink, instead of going high I become sleepy and my movement are slower. In conclusion, I don’t need to depend on alcohol to go all aiyaya~!

On the way back to our hotel, Emmanuel did the most hilarious thing ever. He woke me up from my nap and demanded a plastic bag and 5 seconds later, you can smell chicken wing. Urghhhh…

I’ll end this post with a picture.

Whatever happens in Rainforest, stays in Rainforest.

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  1. Sherry’s Geisha tattoo looks so nice! LOL at that ang moh kitty cat HAHA

  2. LOL! What did u do? hahaha… the tattoo looks awesome! 🙂

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  3. woot, i find it kind of surprising that sherry wanted to do the tattoo on the abdomen. No one can see it! 😛

    • Haha yeah. but it takes guts for you to lift up your shirt for the cutie to tattoo on your abdomen 😉

  4. then tell me when im at ur hometown! XD

  5. Looks damn fun wheiiiiiiiiiiii! I like air-brushed tattoo after I tried once! XD
    btw your “boss’s” 100bucks tattoo damn cool…o.o

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