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Laser Tag @ Laser Warzone, I-City Shah Alam

by melmonica on July 31st, 2011

I had an awesome time last couple of weekends ago! I had fun playing at 666 casino and won some great sum of money without going to a real casino. Though I had this terrible diarrhea but HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO LASER TAG!!

I’ve always wanted to try paintball for the longest time and what perfect way to start off with a milder version wtf.

Anyway, woke up super mofo early on a Sunday wtf.

I didn’t bring my camera so this post is full of stolen Isaac‘s pics.

We were divided into groups.

Team Krusher (name from KFC Krusher cos I was hungry wtf)

From left, Zach Ho, Qian, Ming, Tony and Iris

We were the 3 lil princess counting on the macho 3 men in our group haha.

First round, we were up against SpyOptics group.

You see the guy on the far left? That’s Kian Fai. The super terminator.

He is damn ‘cool’ lor. Walk like ah long collecting money and shoot whoever who comes into his way.

The rest of the team are his… wing man wtf.

2nd team we were up against was MAD team.

No pics of them cos they were too busy wiping their shoe, combing their hair looking all good in the battle field wtf.

And when it comes to the final battle, we were up against SpyOptics group again woohoo!

See now all smile happily and you know what they say, looks can be deceiving.

After that no mercy baybeh.

I had fun shooting Kian Fai and Ooi down and seeing them helpless cos they were defending their base.


This is what we were fighting for.

The trophy belongs to *drum roll…

The awesome-pawsome Team Krusher!

Never ever look down on the 3 ‘siew jie’ in the group *nyek nyek nyek

Good job, team!

Lucky for you, Milkadeal is having this MUST GRAB deal for Laser Tag. From the fun that we had, my friends & I are buying a total of 7 of it.

And you have 1 day to purchase the deal. So, hurry up! Round up your troops and start battling each other 😉

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  1. lol , awesome times~!! XD really had fun that day, it will remain in my memory for a long long time to come 🙂

  2. Aiks~ missed the fun!! =[

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