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City Golf at BSC

by melmonica on December 13th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to go try golf stimulator. Haha. I’ve never played golf in my life before but it wasn’t foreign to me as my dad was a hardcore golfer wtf. Winning tournaments and 24-hours non-stop watching golf shows on ESPN.

Thus, I was pretty excited about trying golf and see what’s the fuss about it.

City Golf is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. The moment I stepped in, you can see like all the brands that would be familiar to a golfer all around.

There are also a couple of funny quotes written on the wall. Just for giggles.

The bar area. You can chill here before/ after your golfing session.

There is also comfortable lounge and pool area.

While waiting for the rest of them to arrive, I kaypoh-ed and watch this lil kid during his golfing lesson.

Then our session begin!

First we were briefed on how to use the clubs, how to see the score, what section are we going to learn and tips & tricks to play well for a begginer. Haha.

Yeong Boon went first.

He did pretty well, I supposed. Well all the guys did haha.

Next up, was Elwyn. He holds the record for furthest amongst us at 163m.

Then it was Jayren’s turn. Haha. Based on the posture, he looks like he’s about to kill someone’s lunch 😛

My dad would so cringed at the sight of this posture. Nevermind, Jayren. Practise makes perfect 🙂

After a while, we started getting a bit bored cos none of us seems to do any better.

Here’s Jia Yeen posing for the cam.

Then the boys started doing something silly like… see how far can it go with your bare hand wtf.

Benjamin attempts to throw the furthest zzz.

That’s me before exceeding my own record. Got gaya of a golfer ma? 😀

Best thing about City Golf is obviously it is indoor. The stimulator is the closest thing to playing golf in a real setting.

Also great about this is… you don’t need to walk hundred of meters away to pick up your ball. Haha.

Sorry… I’m a bit competitive like that. When I hit this score, I just need to take a pics of it as a remembrance wtf.

Then a couple of tries later, I exceeded my own high score. So, I gotta take pics of it again. Competition gets the best out of me that day.

The trick is not to hit the ball as hard as possible, but just by getting the posture right will make such a big difference.

Previously, my score was about 50-60m, not more than that. Then I started learning the correct posture and it double my score.

Try it! I’m not even kidding 😀

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  1. I like play golf.. But this simulation one.. never try before!

  2. wow! seems a nice activity! 😀

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