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Catch Aloud Asia Vol #2

by melmonica on September 23rd, 2011

Aloud Asia is back!

This time bringing in a number of artists that’s gonna rock your socks off.

Jeng Jeng… pretty cool right the line up?!

I for one give my 100% utmost support to good Malaysian bands. One of the bands that I’m dying to see it…


Honestly, this is the only song that I know from them. And I’m the kind of person who likes surprises so I wana see how good they are live without having to youtube them *trying my best not to!

And a lot of girls I know want to see Azwin Andy

A couple of newcomers that I can’t wait to listen to

Angie Lym

With voice like this… who needs a music player wtf. can just listen to yourself sing all night long #howlame


Ok this one a bit cheating la since he collaborated with DJ Goldfish & DJ Blink.

He did perform this song in Suara Kami but unfortunately that time I was leaving already because… Nelly sao tong wtf.

But I do really like this song.

Paperplane Pursuit

I’ve heard of them over the radio a couple of times on MET10 but I’m not going to listen to them on Youtube cos I know they’d sound so much better & cooler live.

30 hours to go to listening to Paperplane Pursuit and counting…

Now you know who’s performing. How to get your hands on tickets to watch this awesome people performing?

Tickets are selling at RM30 and RM15 (for students). You can purchase your tix ON THE SPOT! So just head down to Bentley tomorrow 2.30pm. The earlier the better to snatch parking spot cos parking is a bitch in Kota Damansara.

You can park your car at Bentley Auditorium/ IKEA/ The Curve/ Tesco. Worst come to worst [email protected] wtf.

Guaranteed got parking but go early la k. To save going around IKEA looking for parking.

So, I’ll see you guys tomorrow? Any questions do let me know. You can leave a comment or even better, tweet me @melmonica

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  1. Sean permalink

    Well, I went to catch Aloud Asia Audition the other day and I must say that Angie Lym’s band was one of the best followed by Psytrus and Bohemian. Prolly this youtube vid doesn’t do her justice, knowing feyst doest have good sound system or monitor, but nevertheless you should check out her studio version. I downloaded her tracks thought. LOL!

    As far as I could recall from the introduction by the Emcee, her tracks were aired in US, Los Angeles and she was the winner of Juwita Suwito songwriting competition. Pretty impressive though, and if im correct, none of the participants songs got that far. There will be people dislike her voice but I kinda like it eventhough I’m a big fan of Estranged. Bear in mind that there will be people dislike you and me. Imperfection makes it perfect. Even Lady Gaga’s ex boyfriend said she couldn’t make it. But look at her! LOL…. Shit happens, and even taylor swift’s voice went off at the Grammy’s. Be chilled, not everyone has the talent or guts to go on stage and open themselves for critics. Not even you or me though 🙂

  2. wahhh so many videos to watch. can la. watch videos here. huhuhu~!

  3. hmmm~~ should I go??

  4. nana…. come!!!!!

  5. Yehhh i like rawkkkkk

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