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by melmonica on April 1st, 2015


Happiness is

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.56.21

discovering new music <3

Am a little bored with my current playlist. Few weeks ago I was feeling nostalgic so I have a lot of 90s songs i.e. Spice Girls/ Britney Spears etc and now I want more sophisticated genre wtf. Don’t want too boring yet too pumped up. And also I am on a mission to compile a playlist for my up-coming trip! Yes I’m going for a holiday. Haven’t blogged about it hor. Wait ya lemme download some songs from this playlist first before I change to another soundtrack – #TFIOS!

OK this version is pretty cool. Have a listen guys. I am on top of the world. Yeah, music makes me REALLY HAPPY <3


OK #TFIOS soundtrack is surprisingly disappointing. Maybe i’m just not in the mood for mellow music.


Updates about my life. Where do i begin?!


Let’s go for the exciting news 1 first la ok. As I mentioned earlier the boy and I have booked our 2 years anniversary trip to Auckland & Samoa woohoo! We will be having 2 weeks off from the humdrum-ness that we call working life and seek for an adventure outside of South Island. Homaigod I can’t wait to get out of here just cuz the weather has been really depressing and it annoys the shit out of me!


And we are going to watch Backstreet Boys in Vector Arena!


This is such a good coincident because our anniversary is on the 14th May and BSB is performing on the 12th so the appropriate thing to do is go enjoy one-shot right!

Plus the bf has not been to a concert before so all the more reason to go right (and of course fulfilling our childhood dream) I really hope they’d sing more of the old songs than the new ones coz I don’t follow them anymore. Only have memories of them during my teens.

Planning our travels is a little stressful. It takes a substantial amount of effort to be considerate. Ozias and I are two totally different type of people when it comes to planning for a holiday. I am the type of person who work hard & play hard so I do not mind paying extra for a little bit of luxury. But Ozias is the type who sets a budget and then plan accordingly strictly within the budget. To be honest, when we planned & discussed, I wasn’t looking forward and thought the trip would be canceled because the flight alone would cost us $2,000. And the budget is $3,000. I was feeling down, a little depressed in the sense that what’s the point of going for a holiday when you have no money to enjoy? And I haven’t thought of it for a while.

But in the end, the trip is ON! Fortunately for us, the flight tix price dropped and we managed to get the flight tix + BSB tix under $2000. Quite an achievement I’d say. Now left accommodation part nia.




So last week we met up with the Mt. Cook ladies in Dunedin. A much needed getaway from the senior citizen city. It was also the day that I had about 5 hours of sleep & 3 cups of coffee in 24 hours. I was rather quiet on that day coz… oh i had a fight with him. Hrmph.


Anyway, I hate saying goodbye. Meeting them is like breathing in fresh air. Wish we don’t have to say goodbye or separate. Wishing that one day all of us will be living in the same city. Looking forward to freshly brewed coffee from Catherine and yummy fattening desserts from Christine.


On a more personal note, I have been adding more greens in my diet and snacking on fruits as a habit. Trying to be leaner, healthier for the trip. I wana shop for new bikini though i probably gonna wear it like a couple of times a year only 🙁

Also been reading a lot lately. Thanks to him I have my hands on 50 Shades of Grey book. My mind kept making comparisons to the movie and of course the book is so much better. But overall, it’s not the book that I’d hold it dear to my heart. After completing that, I was ready for some Murakami but the bf secretly bought 50 Shades Darker and oh my I could not put the book down. I am taking my time reading it but before I know it, I’m almost the end of the book already *gasp*. Not planning to read 50 Shades Freed so soon. My Murakami is calling me. Plus after that I have to start reading the books that I have in our mini home library.

Ok ending this post with a picture of the bf since we hardly take pics together anymore.


Did a B&W version of this and wanted to put it as my FB Cover Photo but thought it’d be too cheesy. So ok la put in my blog also nice right?

Love this boy very much. When we are happy, we’re at our happiest. I guess the reason why we fought so much last year is because we were learning about each other and the whole compromising thing is a foreign concept to the both of us.

But now at least, we rarely have big fights. And we know that in the most heated argument, deep down we still love each other very much. Love you so much sayang. Looking forward to doing nothing with you in Samoa. Can’t wait for you to be home tonight. See you muacks xx.



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