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The weekend is almost over but my room is still messy.

by melmonica on March 7th, 2010

I just woke up. Hearing the cheers from Stadium Merdeka reminds me of how the boys cheered during  football match in ACS.

This weekend was mostly spent melayan my emo. Everytime I wake up, I’d think… Last week at this time… I miss him. I really do miss him. And every time I’m like this, I have the thoughts of going back to Sitiawan or transferring to Penang.

Just say, if I go back to Sitiawan. I work there, spend less and be happier. Cos I’m always homesick and I miss Matthew so much. He’s growing so fast that I wish I had the chance of watching him grow. Then again, I could foresee. If I were in Sitiawan, I would say that the life there is boring, my job wouldn’t be as challenging as my job in KL, wana be adventurous la bla bla *sigh

But if I get a job in Penang, first thought would be yay, got boyfriend to teman me all the time. Won’t be lonely at all and, and… I couldn’t think of anything jor zzz. But then right, in the first place, one of the many reasons I didn’t find a job in Penang is because I wana test our relationship. See if it is strong enough to withstand the distance. And another reason is I want baby to have his own life. Like he can do whatever he wants, go out with his friends etc. Well, that applies on me as well la.

Sigh, sometimes I also don’t know what I want. Wana be independent also me, wana bermanja also me-_-

Anyway, all this has nothing to do with my relationship with my job. It’s fun at times, challenging at times and paling best is it’s very de social media oriented *woots

Aarghhh, it’s raining now and I’m so de emo-ing again.

Psst. Sometimes I can’t wait to go back to work cos I don’t want to ber-emo anymore. So depressing la talking to myself. Listening to my conscious fighting amongst themselves. And eat sucky food cos I wana save money. Sigh, my condition now is WAYYYY worst than my life in UMS. Although that time I was away from home, still I got him to bitch about my day and friends to gila with and freaking go to the beach whenever we want!. But now, everybody is all so busy.

One of my favourite place in campus. The library. Got aircond and that’s me wearing my pajamas. Don’t know what I was doing. Probably reading somebody’s blog. So intense one my reaction.


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