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Say NO to Routine Life wtf

by melmonica on April 22nd, 2011

Lately I’ve been pretty nostalgic.

I miss my carefree life. I remember there was this month when every weekend I was in different city – Sitiawan / KL/ Penang.

I miss my ex-colleagues in Penang, I miss waking up to bird chirping. I miss eating lok lok by the road side. Oh and I also miss the lala/ caprang Prangin Mall.

I miss becoming a family chauffeur. Oh, and I also miss flying to Labuan wtf.

The other day Henry was telling me about his family in Labuan and mentioned the place where he live and I’m like OMG I took picture in front of Milimewah before wtf.

And we were talking about the famous satay at Layang-Layang and the famous pork satay in the town area.

If I have the time, I’d visit the island again. So much memories. I wana eat crab at Anjung Ketam and I want to eat the rubbish -grilled/steamboat-food at Manja Rasa.

Oh and I miss my friends a lot too. Last time I was complaining about wearing formal to class. Now when I get to wear casual to work, I still ask myself the same question every day. What to wear?

Some things will never change.

Well, just came back from yumcha with Tai Si Fatt, Papa Bear, Henry & Sherry (hey, it rhymes!) and I was telling Elwyn how I need excitement in my life. For the past few months, day in day out, my life is a routine that sometimes I feel like I am living in yesterday. Waking up in the morning doesn’t symbolizes a new day.

I need something to shake me up. I need colours in my life. Or maybe I just need more than 24 hours in my life. Hrmph.

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  1. yeah labuan can do that to you. we’re leaving this island too…but guess wat, the pork satay business doesnt operate anymore. we dont see the uncle there anymore =( my junior complained tha anjung ketam’s crab sucks big time and there’s a new steamboat place in town 😀 hahaha

  2. wtf… no more pork satay? then no point going there.

    i actually didn’t think that the anjung ketam’s crab is nice. just that i really like the environment and ambience. so kampung feel.

    what steamboat place? nice ma?

    • sorry.. the pork satay still operates. changed operation place only ^^’

      yeah the anjung ketam’s surronding is so comfortable ^^

      the steamboat place is ok lah…not much of choices actually.

      and guess wat, you know labuan’s cinema? they changed place oso n i tink is better than the previous one that was located at UJ there hahaha

  3. milimewah super near my house lor… ahhh i miss the sayap n satay 🙁

    • we should totally plan a trip to labuan one day lor. which is probably next year d. my leave for this year fully utilised jor.

  4. Who is Tai Si Fatt? LOL

  5. owh, i feel you i feel you. routine huh :(. *Hugs* babe *Hugs*

  6. No doubt that routine life is boring! But we eat, sleep, shit and play also routine 😛 Just enojy your life to the max when you not working. Go out to the countryside and see some cows moo moo here moo moo there den u will be again fresher!

  7. Visiting for the first time! Why so long didnt update blog? Lol

  8. Hello! Nice meeting u jz now at Topshop!

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