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One month – Rojak (Jumbled) Up

by melmonica on September 16th, 2012

This week just zoomed past me! I’m so excited that the season is ending soon but that means I gotta find a new place to travel and work. Well, I could just stay in Blenheim and work in the potato/ strawberry/ cherry farm but that’d be my last resort. I’m so done with Blenheim I just wana get out of here and meet new people.


Last Friday, the owner of the company came and told us a good news. We can has a company lunch and play patong (don’t know how to spell it but I think it’s similar to bowling here wtf) next Friday!! We will be treated to the wine that were produced from the vineyards that we were working throughout the season. I’m so excited!!

So far I’ve worked in 6 different vineyards and I gotta say Jessep one is the most beautiful vineyard. It is located about 20 minutes away from Blenheim in Saddon and the view there is gorgeous. The place is picture perfect with snow capped mountain background. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it as my cellphone always run out of battery before the end of the day.

Anyway I’m so excited about the party and eat some comfort food while sipping on wine 🙂

It’s Sunday and usually the weekend is meant for nursing my muscle pain from working too hard in the vineyard so I guess it’s me and the laptop FTW!

I was going through my emails and stumbled upon this. I couldn’t believe the below quotes came from me. Just thought I’d share with y’all since sometimes I need a little reminder to be strong when I’m feeling all fragile. Will document the mental torture that I’ve been going through when the time is appropriate. Till then, here’s to a stronger me!


“Are you so weak that you’re so easily shaken by what other people say? It’s just verbal diarrhea.”

“Just because someone denied you something doesn’t mean there’s no solution to it.”


And one of my hopes and dreams in NZ.

– To meet as many different people as possible because each and every one I meet is unique and different. I want to have a piece of them in me (Meaning a story of their life that I could learn about. Not physical gifts wtf)


Also because I work in a mundane, routine job I have given my brain the liberty to have a party on its own. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I realized that I’m not a jewellery nor a flower kinda girl. Well, yes to expensive, exquisite jewellery wtf and flowers for about 10 minutes until I don’t know where to keep it and how to preserve it wtf. WAIT I change on my mind on the expensive jewellery. I don’t think I’d know to enjoy and appreciate them anyway.

Haha. I don’t know where this blogpost will lead to but all I know that few days ago, I decided on taking certain matters into my own hand (which I should have actually done it a long time ago) and have never felt so liberated. It’s like the weight on my shoulder has been lifted. By putting this in my blog, I know that next year at this time, I’d be so proud of myself for doing what I did.

To summarize:

3 songs that led to a mistake that turned into a 10 week thing and I’m putting my feet down. I didn’t know what I was thinking in 2011 but the 2012 me cleared the mess and the 2013 me will be so proud *pats head wtf*

I have no idea what I’m going to do when I’m back in Malaysia next year (psst tentatively as late as May. I would have stayed longer if my passport permits. Stupid me only renew for 2 years which actually meant 1.5 years) I don’t wana go back to the old routine, condone myself into the rules of reality cos that would meant being in NZ was for nothing!

Being in NZ so far has taught me to live outside my comfort zone. Though uncertainty scares the shit outta me but I should turn it to curiousity. I have a great thirst of knowledge. An insatiable appetite for adventure. I haven’t fulfilled any of that yet and that’s why I try to delay my trip home as late as possible.

OK. Enough of writing. I wana upload pics also got no pics to share. Shame on me kan? So imma post whatever pics I have.

I couldn’t remember where or when I took this pics but basically Blenheim is filled with fields with symmetry rows of vines.

And my job is to trim and wrap (tie) the canes onto the wire like this.

Some vineyard requires us to wrap 4 canes, some 3 and some 2. It depends on the owner whether he wants quality or quantity. Obviously if 2 canes would be for quality and 4 canes is for quantity.

Oh managed to find pics that were not posted on instagram yay!

On one cold day, I was so excited to see frost everywhere on the floor. As excited as I was, it made working more difficult cos I’m usually slower when it’s cold. The little white crystals on the grass and canes are frost.

On to the next – I had my first hailstorm woohoo! It happened in Jessep and at first it was raining. Wind was blowing like crazy and I had a conversation with my head thinking how inhumane it is for us to work in this cold (I suspect it was less than 5 degree) Then I heard this noise from the Taiwanese girls behind me and they said OMG it’s not rain it’s ice then I inspect the drops on my glove and it is indeed ice. Like little pebbles of cold ice fall from the sky. It was such a beautiful moment. Like it’s snowing! Since there wasn’t any instruction for us to stop, we kept working while some hail smash my face wtf (it was painful okay!!) and thinking how inhumane it is again till they ask us to go home. The scenery was magical but once again no pics cos hp battery died.

What else do I wana share? Oh I hit my first 200 in Jessep as well. I don’t know what had gotten into me that day. It wasn’t like I woke up and decided to be all motivated and go “let’s hit that 200 target”. It happened when I actually forgotten to bring my lunch and I had nothing to eat so I continued working. I was placed between 2 ninja girls who is pretty fast so tried to keep up until I got so exhausted. Then I tried to motivate myself by working from the end of the row to the front and after work my supervisor calculated that I did about 200 plants woohoo! So tomorrow I hope to motivate myself to hit that 250 plants. Keeping my fingers crossed that this super ninja energy comes out of nowhere and be with me wtf.


OK I think i’m done crapping. Till then, have a great weekend. Oh and happy Malaysia day <3




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  1. it’s great reading your experience over there melissa. Seems tough work there, but great to see you’re making it a point to get “a piece of everyone in you!” ahhahaha 😛 .. (a story of their life you can learn about, of course)

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