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by melmonica on February 7th, 2013


We love teasing one another.

As we walked along High Street, hand in hand, listening to happy, summery chatters around, heart flutters giddily inside.

As we walked past glass window, I can’t help checking myself out.

He would shake his head and sigh, “Narcissism”.

I call it:

Checking myself out to see how happy i am.

A reminder on how incredible this journey have been.

Which got me feeling this is too good to be true.


When I woke up this morning, I continued discovering and downloading new songs from YouTube. I had the sudden urge to check out how are my YouTube videos are doing. And to my delight, there are 2 videos exceeded the 10,000 views already. Woohoo!

10, 390 views

13, 496 views

Psst. Can you please view it so that it would be a nice 13, 500 views 😛


And reading the comments makes me blush a little.

Haha. Let me gloat a little can or not. I’m a nobody and to get more than 10k views with no paid advertising is a feat for me.


While watching this, I had to tilt my computer against him. I don’t want him to catch me watching myself dancing awkwardly on Youtube. That would take narcissism to the next level, no?


It’s 10.30am – Watching him sleep peacefully is so soothing. I can’t help but to stroke his hair a little without waking him up. 8 more weeks to go. 8 more weeks with you till I’m gone for my travels. Yes, my so-called summer love will end by then.




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