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My Secondhand Family

by melmonica on April 8th, 2011

Last Saturday was my most memorable Saturday of 2011 (yet!). First I went for a walk with my non-blogger friends woke up as early as 730am on a weekend morning! at TTDI. Almost ffk them but think again… it would be really refreshing to do some exercise cos it’s been a while and I was right. The view was breathtaking. Just the thing that I needed. Fresh air and green scenery everywhere!

After that, went back to get ready for lunch with Snoopy, Munkey and Bun Bun. Actually, one of the reason why I RSVP-ed to this outing is because Snoopy is going lolz. We got to know each other through Innit last year but never got the chance to meet. Until that day. During the HOP screening. Which she came to me and go all ‘HI MELLLLLLLLL!’ and I was like ‘Errr… sorry I do not recognize you wtf’. FHL haha. I didn’t know that she’s gonna be there. So we hugged and take pics for the first time and tadah it looks nice!

She’s so pretty hor. No wonder I couldn’t recognize her hahaha.

Okay, back to last memorable Saturday.

The luncheon was my first small get-together and to meet Jolyn! My only memory of her is her small eating habit thus the nickname ‘kicikmiaw’ lolz.

And Henry is one super dude who can’t stop talking. Haha. Seeing him with his Nikon made me miss my camera so much. My friend, Kenny did borrow me his digicam but it’s all auto. I want to use manual mode yo!

Well, obviously I didn’t get the memo of acting cute grrr.

I find this picture is so beauty ad-like. You have 3 girls with different skin tones, all smiling for the camera 🙂

Headline: Powder Puff brings out the inner glow in you.

Body copy: No more fretting over different shades on your neck and face. Use Powder Puff for dreamy looking, matte and doll-like effect. The result is so convincing, you’re never telling the truth when someone ask you the powder brand that you are using.

Disclaimer: Snoopy is using Powder Puff in Snow White, Jolyn is using Powder Puff in Very Rosy and Mel is using Powder Puff in Coco Banana wtf.

At night, the usual gang gathered at Carmen‘s house for pot luck. Apart from all the good food, all of us had a great time and the four of us had our girls talk and it felt so heartwarming.

Cos honestly, truthfully speaking… I don’t have much girl friends *sad. I usually hang out with guys and feel very comfortable around them. Like some of the girls I’ve met are very plastic and materialistic. And I can’t stand fake people. So, you get me.

But they are totally different. Probably we should do a slumber party and blog about it, ey? Virtual group hugs!

One of the many gatherings we had. This was for Tikkostak jadi surprise birthday party. HELLO DUDE, YOU’RE 29 WOOTS!

I really love hanging out with them. Love every single one of ’em. We’re like one big happy family. Maybe Isaac can be our parents lolz wtf. Sorry Papa Bear, you’re not legally a dad yet. Try adopting some bear cubs first 😀

Aih, don’t know why I’m emo-ing today.


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  1. ok lor… i should not talk so much again 🙁
    haha… what’s with Tony’s expression? LOL

    nice seeing u again miaw miaw! 🙂

  2. haha joking ler~

    nice seeing you? why so formal geh.

  3. oooh my god. kicik miao is such an adorable nickname!!

  4. lazy mel mel, combine all the outings in one post. 😛

  5. lulz, I am too young 😛

  6. You guys certainly had a lot of fun. The cons of being a blogger in KL. 🙂

  7. lol, how did i miss out this post >< papa Isaac? wahaha

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