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I’m Confused

by melmonica on January 21st, 2015


Heya, how are you guys doing? Today’s post is nothing special, just a rant about something. Lately i’ve been toying with the idea of going back home for a short break (3 weeks) for a couple of reasons.

1) For my bestie’s wedding & my 2 besties’s baby.

2) To see my grandma.

3) To visit my family & friends.


Allocate 1 week each. Fair enough, no?


What’s stopping me is obviously, it’s too much money for a 3 week break. Plus if i were to successfully get a new job that pays a lot, it’s not cool (and unwise) to walk away from a pool of money. But i’m the type of person who wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice something on my end to put a smile on the people i care face. I know my bestie, my grandma and family would be thrilled to see me. How now brown cow?


Since I would be coming home May 2016, it would be wiser to save the money and spend them all at one go wtf rather than going back home now with pennies and come back to NZ broke. Sigh, dilemma. The vanity in me is desperate for a hair makeover, facials, proper eyebrow trimming and massage wtf.


Yay/ Nay to home? Lemme know guys!


On another hand, i’m not sure what to do with my Nikon D5000 camera. I am still into photography albeit the lack of usage except for my mobile phone camera. Part of me wants to sell it and get a new, lighter camera with more advance features coz D5000 technology is so obsolete liao 🙁 But another part of me is reluctant to do anything with it coz it was a gift from my parent’s for my graduation and it holds so much precious memories. It is heartbreaking to see it collecting dust on the shelf but i has no kaki photography/ hipster here. Bf hates being photographed so… 🙁


Oh wow, I’m in the library sitting with my back facing the floor-to-ceiling window. And there was a group of boys knocking on the windows loudly clearly disturbing a girl who is sitting facing the window. Two librarians came to check out the commotion and I overheard them saying that if the boys were to disturb us again, they would call the cops. Wow, the librarian takes their job so seriously huh although the patrons did not file a complain. And i guess this isn’t their first case coz they said when a phone call is made, the police will arrive immediately. And bear in mind, this is no life-threatening case whatsoever, it’s just a case of mischievous kids making a 20-second scene. Still, the police takes every matter seriously. Kudos to them. If Malaysian police ahh… in the event of a snatch thief affair, don’t bother calling the authorities coz all they’d do is just fill in a report form and… that’s it! No actions taken except for producing your new ID etc.


Phew! Such a wordy post! Sorry for not being visually pleasant. There are a couple of nice pics on my phone that i am just too lazy to bluetooth it to my comp. Thanks for reading, peeps!

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