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I believe in rainbow and birds

by melmonica on July 7th, 2011

Woke up so duper early today – 6am gosh! And did some mini self reflecting wtf.

For the past few months I have been busy as hell. 9 – 5, after working hours, weekends were all occupied.

I know some friends who compaint they have nothing to do, don’t like spending time at home but to me, having a 30 minute of alone time doing absolutely nothing is a LUXURY!

Bought a couple of books & magazines but it is stash at a corner of my room. Too busy with shit that reading is at the bottom of my list *guilty

I’m looking at my calendar and hope and pray that there will be at least one weekend in July that I can switch off my phone & golek-golek.

Just want to do some thinking.

I am truly blessed with a boyfriend who loves me more than anything, having a group of friends whom I can count on anytime and parents that will give me anything with just a text sent to them but i’m not spoilt like that ha

Amidst all these, I think I had a pretty messed up June.

Being in-the-moment, I did what I did. Not necessary regret but I wish I can have my life back.

Sometimes I wish I can disconnect myself from living just to properly think and rearrange my priorities in life.

Maybe I’m feeling like this because I’ve been going out every single day for the past few weeks. Exhaustion is catching up on me. I have a meeting later and I think emo-ing is a waste of time.

Like seriously, if you have the option to be happy or sad, why choose to dwell in black and white when you can be living a vibrant life with rainbow and birds chirping away.

Yes, that’s my ideal life. Rainbow and birds chirping away wtf.

Anyway I’m ending this post with the current song ringing in my head.

PS: I can’t update any post with pictures wtf cos my 5-year-old laptop decided to disable its USB port. Now wana transfer pictures also cannot. Watch Big Bang also cannot. Apa pun cannot. Can’t wait for the weekend to jeng jeng jeng… well, i’m not going to jinx it so BAI!

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  1. Do take some time off for a good rest Melissa, you deserve it.

  2. Buu permalink

    Mentally strong is the key point to survive in the big city, but in order be mentally strong you mustn’t neglect the important of physical aspect, always rest well, stay cool and be creative to your life and work, you will feel less tired. i will support you with all my love <3

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