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Goodbye to you

by melmonica on November 3rd, 2011

I don’t know how to start but I do know what to write.

Whenever I walk pass the streets filled with our memories, I still think of you.

Whenever I listen to that song on the radio, I remember how we used to sing loudly in the car.

Whenever I see lil kids running around, I still think of you.

Whenever I see this really bold graphic T or weird vintage T-shirt, you’re the first I thought of buying it for.

After 2 months of breaking up, I finally break down.

I’m crying like an ass, I’m running out of tissue and I just weep and hold onto the soft toy you gave to me.

All these while I was distracting myself with events and activities in order to not dwell in it.

I try to take things by its surface so that I won’t over-think things that might not be true.

Slowly I try to accept the fact that we are no longer one.

But today, I just couldn’t help it but to cry. Cry while I was driving. Cry when I reach home.

I wish there is more tissue, so that I can cry all my sorrows out.

They say music is the best remedy to forget all your problems.

This is the perfect song for me at the moment.

Thank you for the lovely 5 years of wonderful memories.

Thank you for everything.

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  1. cheer up.. u made me tear here melissa. Tomorrow shall be a better day, and always remember, we are always here for you. 5 years of memories, cherish them but don’t hold too tight to them as new memories are made every second.

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