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Goodbye Kuching!

by melmonica on June 4th, 2012

Dear blog,


I’m sorry I’ve been abandoning you for awhile. I’ve been having too much fun, it’s insane! Kuching is beautiful. The people here are awesome *hint hint* and my final weeks in Malaysia couldn’t be better.

I think about you all the time and Imma make up to you when I’m back to KL. Will spend more time geeking yo!

This past few weeks have been amazing. I’m enjoying every single bit of my life. I am truly blessed to hangout with new found friends and it just keeps getting better and better.

Despite all this happy tune that i’ve been singing, I am sad to leave my parents here ­čÖü These past few days were spent talking heart to heart with them (tears building up as i’m writing), being in touched with my roots and getting to know my relatives better. It’s a heartwarming feeling to see your family together, having a meal together cos I don’t get to do that often (only during festive season).

When i was in Semulong, where my longhouse is, we have to do a bit of hill climbing to go to the nearest kedai runcit or waterfall. And to watch my dad having difficulties going up means he’s getting old & that totally breaks my heart cos we are a family of athletes.

Dang as i’m writing this, i can hear my parents laughter from downstairs and my baby bro is sleeping in front of me. Started crying cos i’m so going to miss this moment. And the next time i can see them is probably next year. And not even during CNY haih.

This happened after CNY break as well when i sent off my parents to the airport. Dad was driving so i pretended to sleep in the backseat but actually i was covering my face with zhumao and sobbed silently.

Miao mentioned that the reason why he come back to Kuching is to teman his parents. I actually thought of working in Kuching before but it was just a thought, nothing more.

Although i always possessed the strong female demeanor but in actual fact i can be pretty emotional at times. And although I always display this carefree attitude, I can be a homey girl when my family is around.

Haih this sucks so badly. The last time i dropped my parents in the airport, i get to cry all i want in the car. Now that they’re going to drop me later, I don’t know how I’d be. I was choking back in tears when I said my goodbyes to my relatives yesterday in the longhouse. Later sure banjir wtf #memalukan

Le sigh. One of the things that I’m going to miss is Rainforest World Music Festival. Last year i made a pact to myself to return and do the hair tattoo. Mana tau i’ll be flying off (and maybe get a tat for real?) ­čśŤ

It’s 9.10am. I have a 530pm flight to catch later. 930pm movie to watch.

Back to crazy non-stop hectic life again.




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  1. Son permalink

    Mom.. dun come home… shoo shoo.. XD

  2. welcome back ­čśŤ

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