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don’t ever fall in love. it hurts like a bitch.

by melmonica on May 22nd, 2011

do you know how precious is my me time?

i’ve been so busy lately, it is not stopping anytime soon.

yes, my weekend schedule is filled until first week of july.

that’s why i treasure my me time today very much.

and you. thank you for ruining my most precious day.

the day that i’ve been anticipating since march.

i’m the kind of person who would be the first to admit if i was wrong.

i would gladly bear the consequences for my action.

and for someone i care very much to have such a strong misconception about me…

i can’t finish writing.

thanks for making my most precious day ended up in tears.

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  1. aiyookk… cheer up… everything will be fine after this

  2. Cheer up, the sun shall rise again soon..

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