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by melmonica on November 22nd, 2013


Also known as the day Ozias made me cry for the first time.


Honestly, it is so surreal to think how far we’ve become.


Back then.

He never missed a single chance to make fun of me. He will ‘shoot’ me kao kao till ‘pek cek’. Never said nice things about me wan. Every time we were in the same room, confirm he’d say something bad about me 1. It’s like tak sah ler kalau tak kena shoot.



We are counting down the days to see each other. As of now, it’s 18 days to go woohoo! Being 9,000km apart from each other with stupid 5 hours time difference (seriously, i super hate time difference) it makes communication that much difficult. But we are trying to utilize every single free time that we have to Line or Video Skype with each other.

And honestly, after 6 months of texting and Skyping, it’s not that fun anymore. I hate texting. Seriously hate it. I hate talking to my boyfriend through a computer. Like seriously, what kind of date night is that? Not complaining. Just venting my frustration on LDR.

I know how I kinda portrayed myself as this strong, independent girl but deep down inside, I’m really tired of being independent jor. I’ve been independent, taking care of myself since the day I arrived Sydney. And now that I’m home, I’m still being independent coz family is not around wtf. Very sad case, i know. And that boyfriend is also not around. Haih, i just wana be manja and have things done for me. (In another words, i wana be pampered hahahaa)

Also i’m a bit tired of this routine life. Don’t get me wrong. I DO LOVE working in Starbucks. I like making coffee and putting a smile on my customer’s face. I want them to leave with happiness, spiritually. I’m that dedicated to making someone’s day haha.

I’ve worked here for like 4 months already and if i can document stories about the type of customers I meet, i think i’ll have a long list lor.

Like there’s this ang moh customer named Mike who loves our freshly brewed coffee. I don’t know how did our conversation steered to him talking about his yacht and that he sailed from Penang to here. I enjoyed listening to his story but it was cut short cos I had to layan another customers.

His story kinda reminded me of this Irish guy that I met in Nelson. I was looking for a hitch hike ride back to Motueka and he picked me up. We talked for the whole hour and what I can briefly remembered is that he used to go sailing with his dad during summer holidays and his dream is to sail all over the world.

Which got me thinking – I really miss traveling. I miss sharing my passion and dreams with like-minded people. It’s a little difficult to talk to people who are so passive about life. I know not everyone has the luxury to be non-committed to reality but I wish more people would start chasing for happiness instead of chasing dollars.

I know i’m putting myself in a position where people would ask, “If you don’t have money, how could you be happy? How can you travel with no money?” But what I’m saying is, people should start doing what they love instead of stick to that miserable job that pays a measly amount of money.

I kinda can’t wait to work as a barista in Starbucks in NZ. I met so many different kind of people in Starbucks, Sitiawan and I’m very sure that there will be even more weird (in a good way) kinda people in NZ. Especially when the country is infested with backpackers and travelers. Imagine the amount of interesting stories that I get to hear and be inspired of. And then go home and tell Ozias about it and we will be itching for a traveling time out.


This will be a totally weird blogpost – It was meant to be a blogpost on how different my relationship with Ozias then and now but it got sidetracked to zzz.


I shall abruptly end my blogpost cuz i’m running outta things to say already.


Missing my boyfriend badly. I hope the universe will grant my wish to be with him. 18 more frigging days. Sigh.






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