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Nov 24 14

My first dental experience in NZ

by melmonica


Wah must blog about this coz don’t think imma wana experience this again wtf.


So it was one of those days in September, after work, I was unwinding with TBBT and snacking on some wheat crackers (try to act healthy). In the midst of happily munching them suddenly i felt some hard pieces in my mouth. I immediately thought of stones in the crackers? Cannot be right. Spit it out and homaigod what looks like a half broken tooth. Ran my tongue around and confirmed that i have a broken tooth.

Sighed heavily coz i know how ridiculously pricey it is to fix your teeth in NZ. Sumore that time i just started working so there goes my pay check.

When sayang came back, he suggested that i make an appointment with Dr. Leonard Chia at ToothWorks. If you are wondering, yes he is a Malaysian :)

I reluctantly made the appointment and the nearest date available is 6 weeks later. Ok la on la i confirmed the appointment anyway though it doesn’t hurt at all. It just annoys the crap out of me when food gets stuck in my teeth.

Come that 6 weeks later in November 12 (that fateful day) I went in with my heart at the bottom of my feet wtf. I was dreading it not coz i was scared. If anything, I love visiting dentist actually. The regular visit to the dentist during my orthodontic years made me love dentist visit. I was always looking forward to different braces colours and super love the feeling of clean teeth. Sure scaling hurts like a bitch but the pain is so worth it.

Anyway, why i was dreading on this dental visit coz i have a regular dentist at home which i have been visiting for years. To be exact almost 10 years. So i have never let another dentist fix my teeth before and i had my doubts. Out of habit, I scheduled my appointment first thing in the morning and went in with a half-washed face. I purposely dressed very humbly that morning to give the dentist an impression that i am poor. I wore my worn-out sports shoe and burnt holey hoodie wtf. Even instructed sayang not to play with my S4 while he waits for me but can bring out his iPhone 4 out LOL.

So when we arrived, I was asked to fill in the form. I was nervous at this point. The lobby look so posh and sparkly. I was worried for my wallet too wtf. Sayang was looking at the photos of all the dentists hanging at the waiting hall and exclaimed (a little too loudly), “Dr Leonard very handsome!”. I was in my own world filling out the forms when sayang said, “Dr. Leonard Chia?”. I was like,”What’s with Dr. Leonard again?”. Looked up and saw that Dr. Leonard was actually standing in front of us. Don’t know why my auto-reflex was to stand up and shake hand with him. I extended my hand for a handshake, he had this weird look on his face but shook my hand anyway. He then led me into the surgical room.

Ok so in NZ the dentist is the one that welcomes you. In Malaysia, it’s usually the nurse/ assistant.

I went in and he gestured me to sit at the patient chair. Now in Malaysia, out of habit, i will straightaway lie down on the chair. But here, when I was about to lie down, Dr. Leonard asked me some questions so i had to sit back up. I am such an embarrassment i tell you.

After answering some questions about my allergies, medication, health history then i was gestured to lie down. And you know what i saw?! A gigantic flat screen TV hanging on the ceiling strategically placed for the patient to enjoy. I was instantly hypnotized and let myself enthralled with the music videos that was playing. Dr. Leonard asked some questions about our background etc while he was numbing my gum. My eyes were literally fixate on the TV screen and i didn’t even bother to look at the equipment/ procedures Dr. Leonard was doing. He even had to ask me twice if i was okay coz i didn’t answer his question. Shows how TV can really capture someone’s attention, huh?

Anyway, the tooth extraction operation was done professionally and quickly too. 20 minutes to be exact. To be honest, i was kinda bummed that it was such a quick procedure coz i was feeling rather comfy in the chair hahaha. In Malaysia, if you get your teeth extracted, the dentist will bao ga liao (do everything from scaling to extracting your teeth) So i was disappointed that scaling was not included in the procedure. Of course, i would get it if i requested  but that would be an additional cost to my already heart-aching-don’t-dare-to-see tooth extraction fee.

The operation was done painlessly and from time to time Dr. Leonard showed genuine signs of concern (I think all NZ health practitioner are trained to be like that unlike Malaysia’s sigh) Before I leave the room, he gave some guidance on the aftermath (coz i’m terrified of pain. I have great threshold of pain but i’d like to minimize it as much as i can, given the chance). Oh he even showed me my tooth and asked if I’d would like to keep it. My immediate thought was to keep it under my pillow for moneh but that is childish. Then I was wondering if it’s instagram-worthy or not. It looks disgusting so I gave him my permission to keep it wtf.

At home, sayang kept doing things for me and treated me like a princess and i thought, “can’t wait when i get pregnant then everything will be delivered to me on a silver platter”. In the evening, we tapau-ed food from Noodle Canteen and drove past Dr. Leonard in the city. At that time, i had the chance to properly look at him (without the anxiety shit) and boy, i gotta say he is quite good looking.

So, if you’re wondering how he looks like, look no further. I’ve taken the liberty to paste his picture here, credit to ToothWorks website.

Lengchai or not? Now go re-read this post with his face attached see got difference or not.

Looking back, I should have asked him more about his life in Invercargill. Coz at Subway, i mati mati wana meet a Malaysian but didn’t have the chance to. But now i’ve missed the chance liao :(

Le sigh. Why doesn’t any Malaysian in Invercargill visit another Malaysian in Subway? Maybe I should advertise a meet and greet wtf.

In the end, the total bill was $170. Very steep compared to Malaysia’s tooth extraction fee but it is still reasonable if compared with the other dentist services in NZ. For whatever reasons, i still keep the receipt. Clearly, there’s no sentimental value attached to it, maybe just a reminder on that fateful day – that one and only day i have my encounter with another Malaysian in Invercargill.


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Nov 10 14

Recent Daily Grind

by melmonica


Hello people! Apa khabar?! I am doing great! Been feeling more health conscious lately after I read some blogs.


For the past few days i have been eating semi vegetarian wraps. It’s hassle free and fast (my kind of cooking) yet taste great and i hope equally healthy!


1 x wrap

1 x vegetable (can be lettuce or salad – so obvious that my vege knowledge is limited)

1 x meat (i used to put sardine, got sick of it and now put ham & chicken luncheon meat)

1 x cheese (optional if you’re a super health freak)

And your choice of dressing. I had Feta & Garlic dressing. So yums!


Just place all the ingredients on top of your wrap accordingly then wrap it wtf. I wished i have picture of how ‘green’ my meal is. I am a carnivore at heart so this eating green stuffs is a huge deal for me.

I had the same wrap for a couple of days but my bulging tummy still didn’t shrink *sigh*. So i decided to take matters into my own hands! I’d cycle to work whenever the weather permits since cycling burns more calories than walking. And last Saturday, after working for 5 hours, i feel like i can do a little bit of exercise and did two sets of my abs-burning and butt-shaping regime.

Then i showered and had leftover pasta at 6.30pm, vacuumed the house and cooked dinner (it was curry chicken). I read Bobo Stephanie’s blog that she cut down carbo and up her exercise routine. She takes 3 tablespoons of rice for dinner. That night when I did that, sayang was freaking out and scared that I don’t have enough to eat. Well, since I had a pre-dinner meal so i should reduce my dinner intake.

The next day, i was on night shift and planned to have instant noodle for dinner. But sayang text me to cook rice and said he’ll kaotim the rest. (At time like this, i was thinking of sweet sour pork for some reason). He came home, cooked 2 dishes and there goes my diet plan wtf. So i’ve come to terms that I have a very loving bf & that i’ll never get to achieve my bikini body in this lifetime. Ever. :(


On a totally unrelated note, i’ve always cannot accept the term “Time is Money”. To me, time is an intangible item whereas money is. You can use money to purchase stuffs, but what can time do? It’s just a collective of moments passing through each day. Like oxygen. You can’t see it but you know it will always be there.

Boy how wrong was i. When i started working in NZ only then I understand the term and why time equals to money. You see, the amount of pay i get is depends on the numbers of hours I work that week. So in order to obtain more money, i would have to work more hours. Right?

So i got this thinking. If i was so “money-minded”, the best way to spend my time on a daily basis is to only do things that will earn me money since i only have 24 hours a day. Anyway, my so-called concept is not relevant to my current lifestyle also. All I can do is fill my time that will earn me more money in the future i.e. picking up skills or improving areas that can be improved.


I saw this on FB last month. Which was so apt to the above.

There are 51 days left in 2014. It’s scary to think where has time fly. Sadly don’t have any memory of doing something great this year – except for the fact that i flew out of the country for a boy and i’m currently reading 11th book now. I kinda regret not spending my time on something significant this year. So it’s only appropriate to utilize the balance of 50 days to make 2014 a banging year!

Here are some short and feasible goals that i hope to achieve.


1) To at least jog once a week with my boyfriend

Hello sayang, do you think we can do it? Plus i need the extra push one. I believe I can do it 1, just need you to initiate the first step ;)


2) Revamp my blog

I wana get a new layout and re-organize my categories. I see also dowan to see. Plus the girl in the banner looks too innocent for my image now hahaha. I gotta start researching on the steps to do it and timeline! Timeline is so important in this context coz if not, i’ll take forever to choose a layout wtf.


3) Improve my health and fitness

As absurd as it may sound, one of my life goals is to live up to 100 years old. So i gotta change my diet, exercise more and follow the footsteps of the Japanese :)


Ok library is closing in 20 minutes so i gotta run! I have a dental appointment this Wednesday so please wish me luck. I usually like going to the dentist but this is my first experience of going to a dentist that I’m totally not familiar of. Not sure what to expect and I hope my tooth extraction won’t hurt (and cost) too much!


Love you people, till then. See ya <3

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Oct 31 14

Tak Habis-Habis Queenstown

by melmonica


English translation: Can’t get enough of Queenstown.


Hi there! I’m back with the one and only blog-worthy story to share. Other than commuting from home to work to library, that pretty much sums up my ‘happening’ life in Invercargill.


On Wednesday, I was in Queenstown with some friends.

Back story: The bf received a phone call from his GM the night before to work on Wed but he said no. And when i arrived Queenstown, my SM called and text me to work at 4pm and i said sorry i’m in Queenstown #getyourprioritystraight.

Meeting friends from Mt. Cook trumps earning more money haha.


Queenstown was forecasted to rain but that didn’t dampen our mood. Although i’ve been in Queenston countless times but i just can’t stop sighing and be all wide-eyed at the scenic drive. No matter how many pictures I take, which angle I point at, I can never do justice to its beauty.

And I learnt that the view after Devil’s Staircase Lookout is more beautiful so I made a mental note to stop further down next time.


Upon arriving, we met up with the bunch and they quickly gathered and catched up with each other while i deviate away and play tourist.

I probably have 3 pics of this view in my phone taken during different seasons but still it’s not enough!


First stop – Lunch at Tham Nak Thai. I was missing the Panang Curry in Dunedin so I ordered this with the hopes that it’ll be as delicious as the one in Dunedin but it was forgettable. My dish was the last to arrive coz the chef forgot about it >.< The not-so-attentive waitress didn’t notice that everone has a dish except me wtf. And pity the rest coz they didn’t start until my dish arrived and they were famished.

Sadly the pic above is blur, no sharpening tools in any photo editing app can save it :( Didn’t bother to retake it coz the rest was waiting for me.

Anyway, here are some of the food pics i managed to take while shamelessly embarrassing myself for taking the top-down shot.

Christine’s Pad Thai. It was pretty flavourful and just by looking at this makes me hungry.

This is Catherine’s Vegetarian Bento. Sigh, another poorly taken food pics coz she was seated far from me and i had to simply take it.

Sayang’s fried rice which was delish. And he smarty pants gave me the red chilli coz my dish wasn’t spicy. I ended up with a good 5 minutes of damage palette at the back of my tongue.

When we were ready to make the move, the boys were fighting over to pay for the meal #sigh #typical.

Next up, Vudu Cafe! *gleeful eyes*

Our usual – His Flat White, Her Mocha.

Halfway through, i had to take a massive dump and while i was in the toilet, the group’s conversation was audibly loud enough for me to hear. Although i know they weren’t speaking loudly but it’s pretty scary that i can hear clearly word-by-word.

And finally a pic with human in it wtf.

This pic was taken with monopod and honestly, i was rather embarrassed by it. But it is more mafan to ask someone to take pics for you so ok lah. Endure only.

Of course, we had more fun and did more than what is written. Just being in the familiar surroundings and comfort of your friends can bring so much joy. While driving home, sayang and i already started planning our next trip to meet them. Next stop will be in Wanaka! IMHO one of the most beautiful place in NZ.

Really can’t wait for it. Till then, gonna quit complaining, put my head down and work hard >.<


Happy belated birthday, Catherine <3

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Oct 24 14

Do not read this when you’re hungry

by melmonica


Else face the consequences (don’t say i didn’t warn ya!)

Hey guys, how are you doing? It’s one month away from summer but I’m still lugging my winter jacket around coz it’s still cold. In Invercargill, we get 1 day of pure sunshine and 6 days of gloomy, sad, depressing weather. At times, even when it’s pretty sunny outside, it will still be cold. Sigh, my love/ hate relationship with the weather is a neverending one.

Anyway, I’m feeling less emotional now. Feeling better. But (always a but) the hardest thing to go through living away from family & friends is not being able to physically be there for them. With the help of technology, sure keeping in touch is just a tap away. But it can never replace the joy of seeing your loved ones smile and the nice fuzzy feeling you get from a hug. I just got word that one of my bestie has just given birth. As much as i’m so happy for her but part of me wish that I am physically there with her. So that i can (shamelessly self invite myself) to take care of her LOL.

Anyway, on to a more positive energy. Last week, sayang and i went to Dunedin to fulfill his (belated) birthday craving.

Duck rice wtf. Haha. In his defense, he has been craving it for a very long time but whenever we went to Chopstick 101, they ran out of it. So this time we kiasu went there for lunch. I had my lamb hotpot which i didn’t bother taking pics coz that time too hungry.

This is undoubtedly the best Panang Curry i’ve ever tasted. Sayang ordered this but I wish i had stolen more of it coz one week later, i’m still missing this dish which is a very rare occasion.

Sorry for the horribly blur picture. I had only 30 minutes to makan before Gone Girl started so had to simply take pics wtf. Yeah, 30 minutes is considered short to finish a meal coz i am the world slowest eater wtf. I wasn’t having any craving so i ordered the Pad Thai, the safest choice. But still it was so-so nia. Can’t remember what’s the name of the restaurant but it’s opposite Chopstick 101.

Our trip was perfect until a cuppa coffee ruin our day. We were craving for coffee and googled for a good one. Uncle google suggested The Good Oil but it was closed at 4pm wtf. So we randomly went to Kiki Beware (since it was almost full and that is always a good sign, no?) Far from the truth. It was horrible. Our coffee was tasteless. I find it so unacceptable to be drinking bad coffee in an angmoh country lol. It’s like having bad asam laksa in Penang, you know what i mean?

Our day was quickly turned for the better after the usual trip to the art museum and the botanical garden. And the best ending was watching Gone Girl. Holy smokes! It’s my movie of the year. (Last year was Captain Phillip). The acting, storyline, everything was perfecto. The storyline was unpredictable so it kept me on edge for 2.5 hours. Worth every penny of my $15 for a movie tix! Unfortunately, it is not shown in Malaysia (haha :P ) but if you have the chance, download it. I wana watch it again (but sayang dowan wtf)

Anyway, next week we’re going to Queenstown to celebrate Catherine’s birthday. So excited i get to be reunited with my coffee and of course friends! Looking forward to dressing up but weather forecast said it’ll be a rainy day wtf. And Queenstown temperature at night is still less than 5c. I have no idea what people are still doing there. Hello, it’s spring time. Why is it still cold there *sigh* So tempted to shop for clothes to wear there coz all my nice clothes are too summery for rainy weather. Sigh, going to resort to just wearing jeans and jacket. Despise the all black ensemble.

I’m looking forward to X’mas too! Since the both of us have the day off, we’re gonna BBQ and exchange gift! Initially, i set the price limit at $10 (yes, i’m that kiamsiap wtf hahaha) In my defense, if u set the price low, you gonna need creativity to ace it right?

Creativity = effort.

He protested saying it was too low so he set it at $50. Reasonable la but think about it. $50 is too much for cheapo/ silly gifts but it is also not much to get high-end products. How lor? I hate middle range stuffs. Cuz it’s just overpriced low quality goods wtf. Anyway i have thought of ideas to fully utilize the $50 price tag hahaha. I think he’s gonna have a heart attack on 25th December :P

Ok i shall end this post and start shopping for X’mas. Toodles!

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Oct 13 14

I’m turning into an auntie/ grandma

by melmonica


Hello people! How are you doing? It’s a superbly sunny day so imma let my legs hang out for awhile i.e. wearing shorts & flip flop. Feels so liberating!

Yesterday my colleague asked me how did i spent my Saturday night. My replied was, “Reading away.” Then she told me that she went bar hopping and was immensely drunk. She was nursing a terrible hungover at work. Something which i fail to comprehend because… i’ve never been drunk before wtf.

When i was younger (early 20s wtf) whenever my friends and i went clubbing, i would order Pepsi/ Sprite (wtf so loser). In my defense, i know what i am capable of doing without being drunk, so i wouldn’t wana explore the side of me which i have no control of. Sumore whenever my girlfriends and i went clubbing i felt like the “responsible” one but not necessary the most “innocent” one *wink wink*.

But those days are over. My social life here is practically non-existent and sometimes i envy the “younger me”. Always so full of life. Foursquare was my fav app cos i like to show off how happening i was *shallow*. But now i uninstalled the app already coz i’ve become more boring conservative and don’t want my private life to be public wtf. Who am i kidding right i have a blog wtf.


Anyway the reason why i think i am such an auntie/ grandma is I realized i get worried over petty things. When i was cycling to the library, i had this sudden pang of uneasiness. Although today’s temperature is 26c but the wind was blowing… for a lack of better word… like anybody’s business wtf. Ok according to metservice, the wind was blowing at 35km/h. So you get the idea. And i was worried about my laundry rail topple wtf. It is a normal incident then i felt stupid like why i didn’t think of keeping it at home. Oh yeah, coz it’s super sunny and my laundry deserves some day out wtf. Plus good days like this is hard to come by.

Case in point.

Zzz what is this la! Where’s my spring!

Ok Spotify is playing this song which made me angry. Angry coz why is Britney encouraging us girls to make the guys happy? Why does our sole purpose in this world is to make your other half happy? Isn’t that very selfish and one-sided?

For some reason, this song bothered me very much. One of the mistakes that i did is to be at my partner’s needs and wants 24/7. Due to my employment status for 7 months, i was being too available for him. I was practically at his feet ready to serve and make home as comfortable as possible because he was the sole breadwinner thus it only makes sense that i manage all domestic duties. While it was great, i have unintentionally spoil him. Now that i have a job (although i earn way lesser than him) but i see our relationship as an equal partnership. Now that whenever i have demands/ wishes for something, it will be ignored with no importance (and sometimes laughed at *hurt*). Mind you, my requests are usually more of an emotional one, not the material type.

I’m hurt that my love and the sacrifices i made for being with him are not reciprocated. Based on our previous arguments, I now know better not to bring up whatever issues that are bothering me coz telling him will only make things worst.

Haih feel like crying now because i am angry. I am helpless. I can not do anything to make myself feel better. And also, i’m tired of being my own cheerleader. So tired of being strong. Dislike the feeling of being alone in this relationship. So tired of uncertainty too. So tired of sleeping my unhappiness away. And wake up the next day feeling even worst. And disgusted. Like i’ve just wasted a day of my life feeling miserable.


Dear friends who are reading this, can you guys please say something? I need all the emotional support that i can get.


No social life.

No support system.

Barely any entertainment in this city.

With limited good (and cheap) Asian food.


Sometimes i am amazed with myself how did i manage to live with none of the necessities mentioned.

Ending this post with this song. So apt.

Irregardless of what i’m feeling, i hope you guys have a great week ahead *hugs tight*

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Sep 30 14

How to wear a Bodycon Dress

by melmonica


Hey you! Temperature is slowly rising in the southern hemisphere and I’m so excited to see everyone is dressing lesser by the day. I’m in my shorts, long sleeve tee and boots (regret that I still cover up but I had to since imma return home late tonight). No pics of my #ootd coz my phone is dead argh! And I’m too lazy to get it fixed wtf.

Anyway, pertaining to today’s blog title I’m so excited to show a little skin (like finally, goodbye polar vortex).  Here’s my first fashion guide to wearing one of my fav clothing item – a bodycon dress.


#1 – Accessorize

Bodycon dress is such a fun outfit to wear. It’s my showstopper outfit whenever I hit the club.

This is me in a bodycon dress paired with a pair killer high heels (not shown) and a chocker necklace. The body hugging clothing will accentuate your curves and the high heels will definitely make you look leaner. Of course, you gotta be confident to wear it but if you know you look smoking hot, why find excuses to belittle yourself?


#2 – Layer up

Layer your bodycon dress with a cardigan and match it with a nice pair of boots. The outerwear does not only preps up your whole outfit but also helps cover the after-buffet bulging tummy fats with ease.

Full disclosure: I have bulging tummy problems every time after I have my meal so this will come in handy!

A trick to achieve a slimmer looking silhouette is to select a simple bodycon dresses with darker colours and pair it with a fun cardigan and fedora for that edgy look.



#3 – Cover down

Ladies, if you don’t feel like showing too much skin but still wana look sexy and fabulous, you can opt for a cropped jacket or wear a pair of black thighs for the complete refined appearance. As oppose to the previous style, for this you should select a crazy fun/ printed bodycon dress to wear as it will pop out your outfit. Besides, the black thighs will help make your legs look slimmer and toned.



If you’re wondering where to get a bodycon dress for every occasion and mood, just head on to ZALORA online! Psst. it has free delivery for purchases over RM75 (only applicable in Malaysia). Don’t say I didn’t share ya. Happy shopping, ladies :)




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Sep 30 14

Meet the new Sandwich Artist

by melmonica


Hello peeps! How are you guys doing? As the temperature drops in the northern hemisphere, it’s about time the southern hemisphere residents enjoy our much needed sunshine yo!


As much as i’m lovin’ the sunshine, i also love my personal space. A massive throng of people are everywhere. I think i am at peace in my anti-social state of mind. Not a very good impression in my new workplace. Oh yes, i finally have a job!! Like after countless of applications sent, hours of straining my eyes on Trade Me Jobs website, the efforts are paid off. Although i wouldn’t wana take it for granted. Seems like during the slow season (read: winter) my hours may be cut drastically. Nah, it’s not something my boss mentioned, just a thought out of observation.


Anyway, i’ve been working for 2 weeks now and so far so good! Though my speed may not be up-to-par but i’m trying to stay cool and collected while trying to grasp a million things simultaneously. If you’re on my FB, you would have read some of my #SubwayStories. Okay la lemme copy & paste ‘em here for your convenience :)


Story #1

Customer: Where are you from?
Me: Malaysia. Are you from Malaysia too?
Customer: No, I’m from Africa.
*awkward *
Me: *cover line* Oh you look like you know a lot about Malaysia so I thought you’re from there heheh.

Why I so mengsiasuikan 1.

2nd scenario is about this hot guy with super charming smile and eyes. I got too excited until I squeeze his bread too hard. Sorry!


Story #2

Customer: Where are you from?
(Loving the attention of being the foreign & exotic one)
Me: Malaysia 
Customer: Yeah, I figured you’re either from Malaysia or Indonesia.
Me: Have you been to Malaysia?
Customer: No, I’ve only been to Jakarta.
Me: That’s nice. For work or leisure?
Customer: My dad is Dutch and he spent some time in Jakarta years ago and had some girlfriends. He said he might have some child there. So that’s why we were there.

Duno how to react and so I smiled like it’s no biggie. (Trying to act very open kononnya)


While working has been fun (at times) i kinda miss working at my own turf like in Starbucks Sitiawan. Just cuz it’s my hometown and thus my customers are my friends so it doesn’t feel like work. Feels more like a meetup sesh. But since i am 9,000km away from home, everyone are like strangers to me *cries*

But the other day, I made a new non-colleague friend! :D

I clearly remember this guy coz he gave me moral support on my first day of work. I think he saw me literally shaking while making his sandwich (hello, how can i feel comfortable while touching people’s food) And it was lunch rush hour so i lagi gancheong-ed. Anyway, he was really nice by saying, “You’re doing great”. I could feel my cheeks blush profusely and was at lost for words.


Then a couple of days ago, after i finished washing the Subway jamban, I spotted him as he was walking out. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, we talked more.

Customer: Hey how are you?

Me: Long time no see.

Customer: Yeah, so how are you getting along at work here?

Me: It has been great, actually.

Customer: Really? So, are you in Invercargill for a short while?

Me: Umm, not really.

Customer: So are you a student in SIT?

Me: Nope. I’m just here on a work visa.

Customer: Why don’t you study in SIT at the same time?

Me: (Laugh) Nah, i’m not keen on going back to study plus i have my degree from Malaysia already.

Customer: OMG you’re from Malaysia?!

Me: Yeah, why?

Customer: I love Malaysia. I’ve been there twice already. People there are so friendly.

(Honestly, every time a customer says this, i feel awkward. Should I say thanks? Technically the compliment is not directed to me cuz they are talking about their experience in Malaysia but I am a Malaysian living in NZ)

Me: So what are you doing here? Are you a local?

Customer: Yes, I worked in Warehouse (no wonder he looked so familiar) and next year i’m going to Auckland to study Bachelor Science of Something Something Something Zoology (embarrassingly, that’s the gist i got. the rest sound so scientific like words used in TBBT)

Me: Wow, sounds very smart.

Customer: (Laughs) i love working with animals hence zoology.

And then i quickly cut the conversation short coz i just don’t feel comfortable chatting during my working hours although i’m sure it is totally fine but… now i regretted not getting his name. But i’m pretty sure it’s either Timothy/ Benjamin/ Sebastian. Yeah all nerd names de. So there you go! A new friend with no name (yet)! Haha.


Argh thinking about work tomorrow is so zzz. My working hours is not fixed. Sometimes work 4,5 or 8 hours/ day. Tomorrow’s work will be for 5 hours only. So i can totally handle it! *thumbs up* (counting my wages for next week already)




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Sep 14 14

He turns 28!

by melmonica


Note: Wrote this earlier but didn’t have the chance to post it until now wtf. Ahhh the joy of NOT having home internet for almost 8 months. Thanks Vodafone & Chorus for the efficiency.


Happy 28th birthday sayang! Finally, you’re as old as me :P So sorry at this moment, I couldn’t throw you a kick-ass celebration. But wait… there are tones of surprises that will leave you screaming. Certainly not for the faint-hearted hehehe.


For now, I want to document my gratitude for you here <3

 1. I am thankful for your existence

Every morning, without fail I will say a little thanks to the universe for still keeping you by my side. My heart feels a little calmer listening to your soft breathing (sometimes that annoying snore :P ) next to me. To know that I (still) have the privilege to roll over and put my arms around you, to give you light kisses without waking you up, to bury my nose into your neck for a little scent addiction are some of the best things in life could offer. These are money-can’t-buy satisfaction that I will treasure very much. Life is short, relationships are fragile. Nothing last forever, so I’m going to hold on to you for as long as I can, love you as much as I can and treat every moment with you like it’s our last time together.


2. I am thankful that we are different yet the same in many ways

People say “Opposite attracts” and it couldn’t be truer. Our sense of music, fashion, hobbies and even weather preference (for the record, he’d rather endure winter for the entire year. Yuckkk) are totally different. And that is beautiful – to have a partner that is unique on his own, an opportunity for me to explore out of my comfort zone.

And I am thankful that our differences have taught us how to compromise, to accept each other for who we are (and not based on the image/ perception society impose)

I am thankful that I can share my passion for traveling with a partner who I hold so dearly. It’s funny to say this but… we do really complement each other, huh? (you know what I mean *wink*)


 3. I am thankful that I am the person that sends you off and welcome you home

One of my current daily routine is to see Ozias off when he leaves for work. It may sound cheesy but I do stand at the door, waving at him until his car leaves my sight, every day. And when he reaches home, I’ll welcome him with a hug and kiss and whisper “Welcome home, my love”. It’s just a small gesture to show him that I am happy that he’s home. And I want to be the one who makes him happy, hopefully for the rest of his life.


 4. I am grateful for you

Ever since you come into my life, you have changed the entire course of my life. All the plans I had about my life are now buried for good. I now don’t have to travel and appreciate life on my own. I have your companionship, your trust and love to anticipate and enjoy all the great things that life have to offer us together.

I am also grateful that ever since I live with you, I can proudly say that I have transformed from being a “domestic-challenged” person to a domestic goddess. Although, I am nowhere near an expert in the kitchen (I think I’ll leave that title to you :P ) but at least now I know how to differentiate between dark soy sauce and light soy sauce haha.


 5. Thank you for always being there for me, through my ups and downs

It is so easy to make promises and not fulfill ‘em but you stood by me timelessly. In this short 7 months of living together, we had grown more mature in the relationship. Although the hard times almost tore me apart but thank you for making the first step to mend the broken pieces. Thank you for swallowing your pride and patch things up together. Despite the countless argument, bad times and *ehem* bad breath, I would not trade these for the world. Remember, when the world turns its back on you, I’ll be by your side facing it all.


I know this post doesn’t mean a lot. It doesn’t come close to all the sweet things that you have done for me since the day we are together, but I hope that my words speak through your heart and this is only the beginning. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride with me.


Love you, sayang <3



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Aug 15 14

Looking for snow, hello!

by melmonica

Ohai! I’m back. Have to update something here because the bf said, “I expect to see my face in your blog” during our trip at Queenstown. #tumpangglamourbf



So i feel very happening coz last week we drove for 3 hours to the east to Dunedin then this week drove 3 hours to the west to Queenstown.

Snow has been forecasted for the day so ok lah brave the snow for one last time before spring comes.


We left the house at 8.30am with a delicious finger-licking homemade breakfast by him. It was bacon and cheese sandwich flavoured with wasabi mayo. All my favourite in one <3


Then off we went to look for snow!

Halfway trough the journey, this welcomed us. Left, front magnificent view of the gorgeous snow-capped mountain.

Looking at this view from inside the car made me feel agitated. I don’t know why i have this unexplainable desire of eating snow. I assume it feels the same as eating icing sugar? Same right? Both also soft and white mah ;)

Magnificent view at Devil’s Staircase Lookout Point.

I asked sayang to sit on the rock and smile and in this pic he looks very ’round’ :P

Him: Eh, take one more lah. This time no smile one.

Me: *reluctantly obliged* Okayyyy…..


BAM! No smile for you.

Looking like a mafia, huh?


Next is my turn to have my picture taken.

Me: What? I don’t want to be the center of attention. I want the scenery to be the main focus point and i’m just on the side blending it. Like how i took for you.


So much better! At least my head didn’t ‘touch’ the mountain kan?

This is how we are when we are not fighting.

Sigh. So beautiful like a painting.

After feeling satisfied taking pics at every angle of the surroundings and in dire need of warmth and food, we quickly dashed off to the CBD.

This is how i check my makeup if it’s okay anot. For whatever reason, I don’t trust the image on my mirror. Prefer to trust a camera LOL.

And I also can’t believe I spent 5 minutes fixing my makeup before heading out. I don’t know since when i’ve become a vainpot.

Pork ribs & chips for $15 at Flame Bar and Grill. The maître d’ specifically mentioned that this is not a sharing course then he took my utensils away.

My verdict: Good sauce however the meat was tough. It made cutting difficult and my jaw was tired by the end of the meal. Will i come back for this? Definitely not. Nothing to shout about except that it’s worth it for a backpacker.

Then we walked the calories off at a park nearby.

More sighing and gushing at the beautiful scenery all around us. My first encounter with a snow-capped mountain was last year at Mount Cook. It was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen but i wouldn’t enjoy being in that surrounding. You should have known by now that i super hate the cold one.

Thankfully the sun came out and we indulged in a little bit of sunshine for a while.

Maybe too much of indulgence jor :P

A panoramic view of our surroundings.

More pics to make you jealous :P

Nah more for you.

We were so lucky that the weather was sunny. It was chilly at times but at least we get to wear our cheapo shades out.

This pic of us looks eerily similar. Head angle, smile. I dowan to look like him can anot?

Why Invercargill don’t have a lake as pretty as this one :(

Then we had a cuppa and chill in Vudu Cafe & Larder. I gotta rave about this. The drinks served were immaculately good. I ordered Mocha and the ratio balance between the coffee and cocoa was perfect. The coffee and cocoa aftertaste didn’t overpower but instead complement each other. Which got me addicted and before I left Queenstown, I tapau-ed another cup. I didn’t touch the drink until I reached home and by then it had already gone cold. Now usually, cold coffee means stale coffee and it doesn’t taste as good as a freshly brewed cup. But that’s not the case for this! I ended up liking it so much and was secretly hoping that sayang doesn’t want it so that i can have it all to myself. And after i finished the cup, i actually crave for another one. I guess the coffee must be really good or they put drugs to keep me addicted. Moreover, the price was relatively cheap. $4.50 for a regular cup (most cafe charge $5/cup)

This is definitely the best discovery in Queenstown <3

We went to Queenstown looking for snow but we were not lucky enough to see snowfall. Afraid that the road might be slippery so we went home early.

Otw back, it started snowing  and I was feeling in awe and bitter at the same time because I couldn’t experience the magical feeling of a snowfall. It was certainly frustrating and we couldn’t just stop by the roadside. It would be too dangerous (and idiotic). So this picture is the only remembrance I have of my (possibly) final snowfall. Aside from the angry mode, it was calming to see snowfall pelting gently. The bf put his hand out to feel it but I wasn’t crazy enough to let my hand freeze pls.


And so that pretty much summed up my day in Queenstown. Everything is expensive (tourist spot mah) but it was a nice change to walk in the park and sigh at Lake Wakatipu’s beauty.


The next day I had this post-holiday syndrome plus the weather in Invercargill didn’t help at all. It was the windiest city in NZ at 56km/h. Faster than the city’s speed limit sumore! Hrmph.



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Aug 9 14

Dunedin… just cuz

by melmonica


Hello I’m back with blog-worthy pictures and stories!

And this time back to Dunedin for a day! (Sky insisted on following us!)

The boy was very spontaneous. On the night before, he said he didn’t feel like cooking on his day off and want to get out of Invercargill. So we thought real hard of where to go.

The choices:-

- Dunedin (3 hours drive)

- Queenstown (3 hours drive)

- Catlins

- Arrowtown


We’ve been to the 1st 3 places so I suggested Arrowtown which is somewhere near Queenstown. After checking weather forecast for all 4 places (very essential for roadtrip), Dunedin has the best weather – sunny at 11c. Ok la onz!


Our first stop was Sichuan 88 for dimsum!

Oh glorious food, time to dig in!

The coriander dimsum (top) is delish! A must try!

The soft and super yums chee cheong fun. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the sad looking , depressing and blant one we had in Golden Harvest on my birthday.

Deep fried radish cake. So good with Kg Koh chili sauce but Thai chili sauce will do lah :)

Sichuan 88 is located at Mornington, a 10 minute drive from CBD. Total bill was $38.50 only. For the same amount of dish we had, this is much cheaper and yummier compared to the $60 we paid at Golden Harvest.

A satisfying start to our food adventure!


Next stop – St Clair Beach!

Clear blue sky + waves crashing + tight hugs = blissful day <3

Absurd paradox – Sunny yet cold.

Him: The nearest place is public toilet.

Me: Where? (looks around)

Him: Neh! *points up*




St Clair beach is a popular spot for surfers. And these are the ones who fed the great white shark.

Fire Shark Alarm

Once we’re done freezing our ass in the sun, we drove to the city.

Otw, we spot this nice lookout and stop for a pics.

Looking at this pics makes me miss the sunshine! (Invercargill’s weather was horrible the next day)

Slutting it out for a day!


When i first arrived NZ, i spent 2 weeks in Dunedin. Thus, I played tour guide! Brought the boy to all the tourist (and free) spots!

The Dunedin Railway Station.

Fun fact: It’s the 2nd most photographed place in the southern hemisphere (1st being Sydney Opera House)

Happy not sick boy acting cute! #takbolehtahan

Will you go aww….

My attempt to emulate the picture below…

Taken 2 years ago.


Look at the amount of clothes i wore!

My hair!

So nostalgic ahhhh.


More touristic pictures just cuz…

The entire time I was there I couldn’t help but to think of Sheldon from TBBT. His love for trains has permanently etched at the back of my head.


Ended the night with a sumptuous dinner and bubble milk tea at Chopstick 101.

Eggplant with BBQ pork in spicy sauce for $20.

Had roasted pork belly also but we were too quick to let our tummy dictate our actions. Before I could whip out my phone to photograph it for my viewing pleasure, we quickly gobbled them down. So fast until i almost made a mess and embarrassed myself.


2 weeks later will mark my 6 months stay in Invercargill and unfortunately, I have yet to meet other Malaysians (besides Ozias). So whenever we go to a bigger city like Dunedin or Queenstown, we’d curiously guessed if the person who walked past us is Malaysian or not.

In Chopstick 101, there are a couple of wait staffs who eerily looked like Malaysian. Not that Malaysian has a specific look but we can just feel it lol. Halfway through our dinner, the waiter came and asked, “You guys ordered the sweet and sour pork?” We, politely said no. And then sayang and i were like confirmed lah Malaysian! Only Malaysian will use the phrase “you guys”. And when I went to takeaway my bubble milk tea, I summoned my confidence and asked the waitress if she’s a Malaysian.

“Yes. I’m Malaysian. We’re all Malaysians” (points to the other waiters)

“Oh great! Me too!”

“Which part are you from?”

“I’m from Perak. You?”

“I’m from Sarawak.”

“Wow! Which part of Sarawak”

(Waitress giving me weird looks probably because of my nosiness) “Miri”

“Oh great! My dad is from Kuching. My dad’s Iban and mom’s Chinese”

“Wow so you’re mixed”

“Yeah. Why ah?”

“Oh coz earlier I thought you’re a Taiwanese”

*flattered* “Thanks!”


Don’t know which part of me that looks like a Taiwanese nor did I speak Mandarin to them.

And I went home feeling contented with my bubble milk tea, a day out with the boy with lots of love and yummy food in my tummy.






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