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Apr 10 14

Riverton and Mexican night

by melmonica


Hello people! How are you?

Daylight saving thing is over so time difference between MY and NZ is only 4 hours woohoo! But on the downside is, daytime/ playtime is shorter, temperature drops drastically (before daylight saving: about 12C but now it’s less than 10C. Brrr!

Last week, bf cooked bak kut teh and it was so omfg good. I had 2 bowls for brunch and 2 bowls for dinner. So greedy kan? It was so good next time no need to go out for bkt edi. Bf can cook it yay!

It’s been a month since I submitted my partnership visa to immigration but no news of the application yet T3T. I’m bored out of my wits just by staying at home with no internet. So le bf surprised me with this limited edition ice cream. It was so good but pretty exxy too. NZD6 for 2.

On Tuesday, we went to the beautiful Riverton. It is such a pretty town that reminded me a lot about Laguna Beach. Beach house by the seaside. Then I started daydreaming and telling him when we’re rich we’ll get a place by the beach and our place will be double storey house. So first storey is garage and washing area (to clean off sand everytime we’re out from the water). 2nd storey obviously will have the usual kitchen, dining room, living room etc. So all these will have the gorgeous beach view. Then our bedroom and bathroom also must overlook the beach haahaha. So our house will be rectangular shape thus kids room will not have the view. Then, we’ll also have a rooftop balcony where we can bring our breakfast/ snacks up to enjoy the view as well as a hot tub.

Then continued daydreaming with the boyfriend having his morning jog with our dog then breakfast is served when he’s home. Then in the evening we can have picnic by the beach while our kids build sandcastle and our dog try to chase the wave wtf. Ahhhh such blissful life.

Went trekking just exploring the places.

Since it is autumn, a lot of tree has started peeling. Feel kinda sad for them as if their beauty is fading.

Otw to our picnic area, we drove past these gorgeous lil ponies.

Wish i have the guts to pat its head.

We wanted to catch some mussels at this picnic place but the tide was so high. Lesson learnt. Next time research on tide timing. Hrmph.

This is a gorgeous 360 view of the place. The day was bright and sunny. Oh how i’ve taken sunny days for granted. I miss grabbing whatever is in my closet and just run out. Now i have to layer up as it’s getting cold. And i, for one, hate cold weather.

On our way back to Invercargill, we dropped by Kathmandu to get thermal wear supplies *shudder*. I was dreading to get them because i’m still living in denial. At home i’ll still wear shorts and t-shirt. Acting all brave trying to defy the cold. I know soon i must come to my senses and tutup aurat. How i miss living in the northern area. Last year at this time, i was clad in a bikini doing sand boarding.

Our mails! Love receiving mails cos i’m just too bored wtf. Too bored till i go thru catalogs or brochures and spend an enormous amount of time as if i’m studying for an exam. Sigh. This is my auntie card hahaahah. It’s a card for my groceries. And love how it personalizes your mail with my name on it.

This week is Mexican week! Actually gonna cook 2 Mexican dishes only but i declare it Mexican week wtf. Here’s the filling for our tortillas. Mince beef with 2 sauces – tomato sauce and some red wine sauce. With parmesan cheese, spring onion and sour cream. It was oh-so-good. The tortilla wrap is so soft the boy and i started brainstorming for more food idea that will go very well with this.


On a more personal note, my life here is pretty nonchalant. As i can’t work so all i do is stay at home and do housework. If housework is done and the weather is fine then i’ll head to the library for wi-fi. It also got me thinking about my life, my life together with my partner, our hopes and dreams for the future etc.

The other day we were talking about parenting. Then that day talked about career. Few nights ago he jokingly asked me to marry him. We’ve been having this conversation until we make it like an everyday topic. Sumore can joke about it.

We were cuddling in bed when he said this:-

Him: You wana marry me or not.

Me: Huh?

Him: What? I offer you now already okay.

Me: *laugh uncontrollably*


I find it so funny how he tried to fish for my reaction. And if you asked me what is my “dream” proposal? I also don’t know actually hahaa. When i was young, i was such a tomboy that i don’t have vision for the “perfect wedding” etc. I actually never see myself settling down, only traveling the world. But now i can leave that thought and phase it into settling down. I wana have the financial planning conversation with the boy but we can’t have that talk yet coz i haven’t started working. I wana know how much we can save and see our bank account grows and make commitment kinda decision. Homaigod felt so grown up just by typing that!

Few days ago, i walked past Starbucks. Just to check out their new menu and working hours. I really wished immigration would approve my work visa coz i really really can’t wait to start working already. Starbucks need me yo!

On another note, i’ve never blogged about this before but since things are getting better then i shall just pen them down.


In full honesty, my first 2 weeks in NZ wasn’t great. Nights after nights i had dreams that I was still in Malaysia. And when i’m alone, my thoughts wander off about life in Malaysia. Okay la this is homesick.

Secondly, it was also a huge step for Ozias and me living together. For some reasons, i felt a little intimidated taking the next step in our relationship. Partially because we started off in LDR and now that we are 9 months old, we actually just started to learn about each other. Of course when you’re living with your partner, you see a whole different side of him/ her. And boy, that was some learning course yo! Didn’t know that it will be this hard. Didn’t know that it requires so much of patience and toleration. Few weeks after that, i burst into tears telling him how i felt and he didn’t know that i felt abandoned. In retrospect, it wasn’t totally his fault. He has long working hours job – from 11am to 10pm. So i had 11 hours of being stuck in a box, feeling alone with no friends to talk to and no internet to occupy myself with. As of today, i think i’ve been living like this for almost 8 weeks. I know i am champion wtf. It certainly is not easy lor. At times i felt so depressed but i cannot lash it out on Ozias cos it wasn’t his fault. But i have to give props to him coz after the talk, he bought me a bicycle so that i can roam around the neighbourhood and go to the library as often as i want to. He also surprises me with ice cream from time to time although i asked him not to do that bcoz we’re supposed to save money. Then at night, we try not to use the phone or watch movie so much but instead spend some quality time just cuddling and talking about our days. In the end, it helped a lot and ta-da communications really is one of the foundation to a long lasting relationship.

With my exes, i’ll usually get bored once the honeymoon flame is out. Like i’ll try to fight for my personal time etc. But with Ozias, i feel like our relationship has grown into a different phase. It’s like i can’t get enough of him. True enough that we have very limited daily manja time but i wouldn’t want to spend a single day being apart from him. The other day we talked about job offer like what if that job pays 5x more but we have to be in different cities. Without thinking much, i was like, “5x ah, why not!” But given the time and opportunity, i think i’ll pass on it. No money can buy the time spend with my loved ones. No money can buy memories. And certainly cannot buy the love that we share.


Anyway, few nights ago i thought about good parenting skills. Still in discussion with the boy hahaha. Omg we are really iz adults. Talk soon about it k!

Side note to immigration NZ: Pls approve my visa already la!!!





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Apr 2 14

Ben Lomond and lotsa cooking!

by melmonica


Heloooooooooooo peopleeeeeeeeeee!

My blog will be updated with extreme enthusiasm because i hardly go to the library nowadays. Bad weather –> Stay At Home Person. Haih.

Anyway, i miss the internet hahahaah! And i miss you guys as well <3

There’s nothing much going on with my life except that i went to Queenstown last Tues! It was a short visit coz Karen was there so go there to meet her la. Baked my fehmes banana muffin for her and cooked rendang as well :)


Don’t wana bore u guys too much with my words. Let the pictures begin!

Went for Ben Lomond trek. Wanted to do the Summit but my kaki almost putus so just made it up until the Saddle nia. This is the view from 800m. So unimpressive kan? 800m only. But i was cursing, “Who is this Ben Lomond la why must your trek so difficult”

Well, the view isn’t all that pretty la. Was up there with an American and i was telling him how it is bad to start your backpacking trip in NZ bcos everything else fail in comparison. NZ is the epitome of mother nature’s beauty. You sigh at her beauty, you secretly thank the universe for giving you the opportunity and thank the universe for the kindness you received and the love you feel.

Here are the panorama view of the hike. Wish i had the energy to go all the way up to the Summit but considering i had only half a cookie before the trek, it’s definitely impossible.

When i came back, my leg ache like mad especially the day after. Walk also pain but the boyfriend was so nice to made me herbal soup so that I didn’t have to cook for the day.

Ladies and gentleman, i present you our favourite homecooked meal to date! It’s baked lamb chop with Moroccan couscous. So delicious and only NZD5.00 per person. Super economical yo!


Hari itu i kempunan for currypuffs. So i googled it to see how to make one. And then i made like 20 of them and whacked them in one night.

And this is my new achievement! Super fattening lasagna but i don’t care haha. It is so easy to make. Next time i share the recipe okay?!

This deserves 2 pics. I’m salivating just by looking at it!

Then last week i was craving for char siew pau. Independent girl go and google how to make it. After looking at the ingredients & method i decided to give up. Cos there’s just too much going on. Need ginger la, all sorts of sauce and steamer. Seeing it also made me feel dizzy. Text the bf about it and he came home with 2 char siew pau for me <3 It’s NZD5.60 sumore. Aih, sakit hati sial.

Well, i’ve managed to check 2 items off my cooking wishlist. I found this cool app that has a tonnes of recipe and i can’t wait to be baking peach flavour cake this week! Woots!

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Mar 18 14

Edits for the week

by melmonica


Hello there! Siew lai lai come here to write rubbish again wtf. Been doing nothing at all and i’m slowly dying of boredom.

So no internet and sick of watching the same series over and over again, i edited some pics on my phone to entertain myself wtf!


Let’s start off with this! The boy’s fav photo of the lot. It was taken during our trip from KL – Labuan and because it was our first holiday together, we booked all our flights with the window seats <3 So jakun to see airplanes queue up to fly in the morning.

Oh #MH370 where art thou? I kinda stop following the news jor cos what you read is all about speculations and predictions nia. I don’t want your thoughts. I DEMAND ANSWERS!! *bang table.

For the past few days, Ozias and I played detective analyzing the whole situation based on facts. But now sien jor no facts de all bullshit flying around haih. Though the chances of the passengers surviving is really small but i hope all of them are in one piece and someone will bring them back to their families.

I got nothing to do so edit the only pic i have of our baby Sky.

Edit a nice pic of myself cos every day i look like crap wtf. Every day stay in bed waiting for husband to come home eat dinner aih our waistline is expanding jor!!

But still! Eat and be happy right? Like the only thing i’m looking forward is welcoming him home at our door steps. Every time he steps out of the car, i’ll be jumping in joy. Well, actually coz i’m cold but nvm la if it makes him smile :)

So now, i’m upgrading housewife duties wtf! Must keep myself busy and not drown in boredom.

Learning how to cook more food hehe. Recipes i yearn to learn.

1) Lasagna

2) Korma

Last week made Butter Chicken which was super delish *licks fingers*

3) Lemon cheesecake

Last week made Choc Cheesecake and it was quite good actually. Though i think technically i can still improve coz it didn’t turn out like how i envisioned. But the taste was omfg good. I suspect the boy likes lemon cheesecake cos he suddenly mentioned it. So gonna research the easiest/ cheapest way to bake it. And maybe next month only bake la. Every night we have our dinner at 10.30pm then sometimes dessert with ice cream/ cake (if i bake). Macam mana tak gemuk ni?! So need to restrict to one cheesecake per month.

4) Beef bourguignon

Don’t know what’s this but imma make this one day!

5) Ayam briyani

Was doing our groceries at an Asian store and saw this packet of ayam briyani powder *Mentally salivating*. So one day when i’m feeling Asian and have done my researched then will attempt to cook this one day *determine*

6) Roti canai

Read fourfeetnine‘s dayre and saw roti canai. Aih, suddenly miss it very much.


I think so far that’s all kua. We’ve been looking around for bak kut teh spices in Queenstown and Invercargill but tarak :( Boyfriend makes the best bak kut teh but imma beat him to it! *competitive

Actually i can’t beat him la cos he’s been cooking for years while i only started 2 years ago! I cooked so little until i know how many times i have fried an egg wtf. Like 2-3 times nia. And last week/ 2 weeks ago i managed to flip my eggs successfully.


Missing the husband so badly :( He always self praised himself hence the caption hahahaha. Like he will super praised his cooking and compliment his good looks. Usually, i’ll just ignore. But now edit it like this just to please him hahaha. Then he asked me why got that blue/pink/ red line in the middle one and i’m like “Why u no art sense 1!!”

Took a lot of effort and time to edit the previous pic. Still got time to kill before he reach home so edit this super comel face aih. My monkey face <3


Lastly edit this pic coz the boy has been bugging me to upload this. But i can has no internet grrr!

Le sigh. See this pic i sendiri also melt aih. Ok la i only have 40 mins to go to online in the library. Gonna research my recipes nao.






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Mar 14 14

Too free edi

by melmonica

Lately, my days have been mundane. What’s with the no internet situation, i feel like my human rights are being taken away wtf. My only solution is to the library! But that is if the weather permits wtf. I was still in my summer daze until the boyfriend pointed out, “Eh it’s already autumn la wtf.” Then my heart dramatically goes, “Noooooooooooooo…………..”

So, you’ve guessed it. Good weather today coz i’m in the library wtf. But yday, the weather was so gloomy, so i was stuck at home with almost nothing to do then i resort to photo editing on my mobile phone aih.

So here are some of my fav photos edited yesterday :)


This was my hot choc when i visited the budak April last year.

The next day we went on a road trip to Catlins!

End of last year we spent X’mas and NYE together in our tanahair <3

Left his hometown, then to my hometown woohoo!

And continued our journey all over Malaysia.

As i was editing this picture, i really miss the Malaysian sunshine. I know Malaysia is really hot but hot beats cold yo!

And then Queenstown welcomed me with this gorgeous scenery.

Headed back to Invercargill and settled down in our humble abode.

We were quite lucky that recently his boss gave everyone a day off/week. Fully utilising it by trekking at the southern spot in NZ!

Few nights ago, i made this really easy humble dish.


Speaking of food, i gotta research on the easiest lasagna recipe wtf. So, till then see ya!



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Mar 12 14

Hello from Invercargill, NZ

by melmonica

Hello there!


Updating a bit coz i’m in a library for wi-fi! Yeah, i’ve been living here for 3 weeks and we haven’t gotten internet in our unit. 3 weeks man. #impressed

On another note, I ran out of mobile data wtf. Don’t know why in NZ they’re so kiamsiap on mobile data haih. For $19/ month, you get 80 minutes (i think) of voice calls, unlimited text and only 500MB data. 500MB can do what? Most of the time i wasted it on FB and reading up on news about MH370. And now i’ve been living completely without internet at home i’m just watching series and reading books at home. Aih.

My parents got worried about my wellbeing that they texted Ozias about me hahaha. The first time when I was in NZ i didn’t update them about my whereabouts for 2 weeks. When I was in Sydney for 10 days also I didn’t contact them why that time they were not worried hrmph. I suspect must be the MH370 thing.

Anyway, what to update about my life hmmm.

So, i’m currently working. Working as a tai tai at home wtf. I’m on visitor visa so technically cannot work la. Just stay at home, cook, clean the house, eat and be fat wtf.

Last week i attempted to cook rendang but failed and it end up becoming a curry wtf. Cooked a really huge pot that took us 3 days to finish it phew. Highlight of the moment was when he came back from work and took a sniff and just went “Homaigod curryyyyyy!!!”. Boyfriend is such an Asian food sucker.

We’ve got all the basic thing needed in our home – microwave, rice cooker, slow cooker, frying pans, pots, heater, table, bed etc homaigod my first week here was so overwhelming. Cos in Malaysia, when you move into a new place, the basic stuffs are usually there. You only move yourself + your personal stuffs in. But in NZ, the only thing that was there is a fridge + freezer and washing machine. House is totally empty. On our first night, we had to sleep on the floor cos the bed only came on the 2nd day.

We got a 1 bedroom unit and it’s totally adorable! I told Ozias i wanted a small unit cos i’m too lazy to clean it’s manageable and purrfect for the two of us! The only downside of it is our neighbours are all old people. Yesterday, we saw a young couple at the vacant unit – not sure if they’re moving in or out :( But i really hope cool and happening people will move in so that i got friend and not talk to my husky at home only :(

What else to update?

Oh, Ozias and I talked about our unborn/ uncreated daughter Summer like every single day. She sometimes takes up a lot in our conversation and a lot of things that we do, we will think of her as well.

For example:-

1. When we walked at Queens Park yesterday. We’d imagined that in the future, we’d have to hold her hands coz she’ll be walking in between us. And we’d imagine that she’ll chased all the ducks at the pond and read ALL the signs out loud coz she wants to practise her reading.

2. When we shop, she’ll eye on the chocolate aisle and couldn’t take her eyes off them even as we push the trolley to the check-out counter.

3. Today when Ozias was putting in water bottle into my backpack to bring it to the library then he was like, “In the future, i’m going to prepare Summer’s lunchbox and keep it in her bag.” Aww… <3

4. Every Tuesday is Ozias’ Asian cooking day. It’s his day off from work, so it’s my day off from housewife duties wtf. So last night i was observing him in the kitchen then i said, “Y’know in the future there will be 4 of us standing in the kitchen like this watching you.”

I could go on and on about the stuffs that we talk/ imagine about Summer but I’ll stop here for now :) Summer if you ever managed to find mommy’s blog in the future, we’re always thinking of you before you’re created :)


On another note, just to clarify, we’re not trying for a baby. We want our life sequence to be married –> kids. Not the other way round haha. I know things are unpredictable so i’ll make sure that no matter what, it’ll be married first hahaaha.

Right now i’m so hungry wtf. Only had cereals. It’s 4.15pm and i’m holding my pee coz i wana use the internet puas puas before heading to an internet-less home.

Can’t wait to start working as well. Can’t wait to start saving money and plan for our next travel! Well, it will definitely be one of our most expensive trip coz we die die also must go to Old Trafford and Santiago Bernabeu.

Anyway, i’m super hungry already and i can’t hold my pee any longer. Maybe the next entry i should update about how my house look like.

What i’ve got here is only a picture of the view outside. See ya!

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Jan 23 14

Ready. Dream. Action!

by melmonica


Hey people! Sorry for the long hiatus. My apologies as I’ve been so busy just traveling around Malaysia and layaning my bf! :)

Evidently, my instagram is flooded with our pictures & adventures <3

I’m pretty bumped that he has returned to New Zealand. It didn’t really hit me until that final 60 minutes of togetherness. All the while I was trying to occupy my thoughts of being with him. It was definitely one of my saddest moment when I had to let him go :(

Well, I’m not going to bury my sorrow here. I learnt that a lot of times, I come back to my blog to reminisce on the good old time. So today I’m going to write about dreams.


When I was 11, I grew up secretly wanting to be a writer. Back then, I thought it was fairly impossible since it’s not a job that makes lots of money unless you’re dead famous. So i put that thought at the back of my head. Fast forward to 10 years later, I have this little site where I can write whatever I want. So, 1st secret dream checked!


About 5 years ago, I graduated with a bachelor degree in International Marketing. Prior to that, I did my internship in Saatchi & Saatchi and I knew that advertising is my calling. It was also during that time I had a secret wish. As much as i love working in advertising, I wished to open a quaint little cafe overlooking sunset. (How gorgeous would that be right?!!) I also secretly wished how nice it is to have a husband who has kitchen experience so that y’know my little cafe dream will come true. And surprise surprise, I’ve met just the right one.

It’s a little scary to know how these little wish that you once thought is impossible comes true before your eyes. Thus, I believe that everything in the past, no matter good or bad, happens for a reason. Today, I read this really great quote that I wish to share with y’all here.

“There is no ups and downs in life. There are only turning point that lead you to the correct path.”


Turning 28 this year, i couldn’t help but to really start figuring out where the rest of my life is going to be. Ironically, when I was 18, turning 28 seems like a million years later. Like I still have a lot of time to figure things out. And now if you ask me, turning 38 is not a very long time. Kinda weird how the older you get, the faster time travels. Haha.

Knowing that time move eerily fast makes me vow that when I have children in the future, I’ll be the type of mom who will always be there for my kids because I want to watch my kids grow. At the same time, I also want to work and be a super mom and at the same time be my husband’s #1 supporter. Phew! Now, I know why they say being a mother is the toughest job in the world.

Well, to tackle that thought, the only way I reckon I can work and be a super mom is if I work from home. I have no idea what kind of job that gives you the freedom to work from home but we’ll see. One can dream and trust the universe to work things out, no?

I am also quite excited about the life I’m going to have once I move in with Ozias. Imagine having a home together, a place where we can unwind, a stepping stone to making our dreams come true. Y’know I keep seeing myself doing all these domestic things in our home that I can’t wait to really DO IT already!!


During our 6 weeks of holiday, we kept gushing about how our kids are going to be. How they’d look like, their characteristic and what kind of parents are we going to be and so on. Please don’t freak out, i’m not going to be a mom anytime soon.


He reckons our first born will be a girl and we’re going to name her Summer and she’ll look like this. What d’ya think?


I’m pretty stoked. I have about 3 weeks plus in Malaysia. As much as I love being at home I just can’t wait to be with him. I didn’t know that it will affect me this bad. I’m constantly missing him. I felt like his presence still lingers around me like I could feel him, touch him. Then I had to snap myself back to reality and be all moody and sad that I am wasting my time being away from him. Life is too short, you gotta be with the person you love and create a fulfilled, contented life together.










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Nov 25 13

My Fav Songs (at the moment)

by melmonica


Thanks to Spotify, i’m discovering more cool songs! I actually took a while to join Spotify bandwagon just cuz i think I’m too cool to be mainstream wtf. But as y’all know, i’m all about discovering new songs and so I just have to check it out what’s the fuss is it about! And true enough, i fell in love with the app immediately.


Now, *drumroll* for my fav songs (at the moment)


1. Bravado by Lorde

I super adore Lorde. Am so in love with Royals. So in love with her unique voice.


2. Closer by Kings of Leon

It’s Kings of Leon. How can you not love them?!!


3. Be Yourself by Audioslave

Same thing. It’s Audioslave leh!!!


4. Someday by Elliott Yamin

This song actually Soundhound-ed while I was working wtf.


5. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Addictive. B&W MV. How not to love laaa!


6. Called Out In the Dark by Snow Patrol

I think the music video is a lil annoying but so-oh love the song!


7. Miles Away by Years Around the Sun

Perfect chillin’ in song.


8. Every songs by Alexi Murdoch

Check him out if you don’t know him. NO!! Check out “Through The Dark” first!!


9. Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars


Anyway, my kinda songs are all slow mo, depressing/ sad. My go-to songs on Spotify are songs for 1) rainy day 2) relaxation 3) sunset 4) coffee house.


Today is Monday – 25/11/13. Officially another 15 days to go woohoo! I know. I’m a #countdownwhore. I am really really excited to see my bf!! Can you imagine? We have not seen each other for 6.5 months. That’s a crazy way to start a relationship lor! I really can’t wait to do everything from having our first meal together to celebrating our 7 months-anniversary to our first X’mas and NYE together and exploring our dearest country together. Our first major roadtrip yo!


Still remember our first meal together after a gaziliion years apart was at a breakfast joint and I ordered omelette. When my meal arrived I savoured each and every bite of it cos I suffered 4 weeks without eggs wtf.

New Zealand’s version of a hot chocolate. Super love marshmallow on my hot choc. And look at the amount of choc powder! Imma do that for my Starbucks customers as well. Heheh.


After that we were separated for 2 weeks before I fly to Invercargill to officially be with him wtf. And our first meal together was Burger King. I know!! It sounds so un-romantic but it was actually. Take away and makan in the hotel room and sat on his lap sumore. Aih… the memories. The love!! I so can’t wait for our first meal together again lor. Kept asking him, “Eh what d’ya think our first meal will be ah? Can we have lok lok since you’ll be arriving 1am liddat” Starting to plan my “welcome him back” outfit, travel outfit etc. My bed is filled with all my clothes but I gotta pack all of ‘em up cos dad is coming home soon.


Yay, family reunion soon. So can’t wait for BBQ Plaza with the familia. The usual Newton’s tradition.


Okla gotta sleep d. 2.15am. Day off tomorrow. So trip planning continues. Woohoo!!!





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Nov 22 13


by melmonica


Also known as the day Ozias made me cry for the first time.


Honestly, it is so surreal to think how far we’ve become.


Back then.

He never missed a single chance to make fun of me. He will ‘shoot’ me kao kao till ‘pek cek’. Never said nice things about me wan. Every time we were in the same room, confirm he’d say something bad about me 1. It’s like tak sah ler kalau tak kena shoot.



We are counting down the days to see each other. As of now, it’s 18 days to go woohoo! Being 9,000km apart from each other with stupid 5 hours time difference (seriously, i super hate time difference) it makes communication that much difficult. But we are trying to utilize every single free time that we have to Line or Video Skype with each other.

And honestly, after 6 months of texting and Skyping, it’s not that fun anymore. I hate texting. Seriously hate it. I hate talking to my boyfriend through a computer. Like seriously, what kind of date night is that? Not complaining. Just venting my frustration on LDR.

I know how I kinda portrayed myself as this strong, independent girl but deep down inside, I’m really tired of being independent jor. I’ve been independent, taking care of myself since the day I arrived Sydney. And now that I’m home, I’m still being independent coz family is not around wtf. Very sad case, i know. And that boyfriend is also not around. Haih, i just wana be manja and have things done for me. (In another words, i wana be pampered hahahaa)

Also i’m a bit tired of this routine life. Don’t get me wrong. I DO LOVE working in Starbucks. I like making coffee and putting a smile on my customer’s face. I want them to leave with happiness, spiritually. I’m that dedicated to making someone’s day haha.

I’ve worked here for like 4 months already and if i can document stories about the type of customers I meet, i think i’ll have a long list lor.

Like there’s this ang moh customer named Mike who loves our freshly brewed coffee. I don’t know how did our conversation steered to him talking about his yacht and that he sailed from Penang to here. I enjoyed listening to his story but it was cut short cos I had to layan another customers.

His story kinda reminded me of this Irish guy that I met in Nelson. I was looking for a hitch hike ride back to Motueka and he picked me up. We talked for the whole hour and what I can briefly remembered is that he used to go sailing with his dad during summer holidays and his dream is to sail all over the world.

Which got me thinking – I really miss traveling. I miss sharing my passion and dreams with like-minded people. It’s a little difficult to talk to people who are so passive about life. I know not everyone has the luxury to be non-committed to reality but I wish more people would start chasing for happiness instead of chasing dollars.

I know i’m putting myself in a position where people would ask, “If you don’t have money, how could you be happy? How can you travel with no money?” But what I’m saying is, people should start doing what they love instead of stick to that miserable job that pays a measly amount of money.

I kinda can’t wait to work as a barista in Starbucks in NZ. I met so many different kind of people in Starbucks, Sitiawan and I’m very sure that there will be even more weird (in a good way) kinda people in NZ. Especially when the country is infested with backpackers and travelers. Imagine the amount of interesting stories that I get to hear and be inspired of. And then go home and tell Ozias about it and we will be itching for a traveling time out.


This will be a totally weird blogpost – It was meant to be a blogpost on how different my relationship with Ozias then and now but it got sidetracked to zzz.


I shall abruptly end my blogpost cuz i’m running outta things to say already.


Missing my boyfriend badly. I hope the universe will grant my wish to be with him. 18 more frigging days. Sigh.






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Oct 21 13

Hello I’m Alive!

by melmonica


Hello there! Yes, I’m alive. Well and healthy. Thank you for asking lol.

I’ve been virtually missing for quite some time due to no-internet life.

// things happen when you’re so used to getting free wi-fi that i refused to pay but technology is part of our life so hrmph Celcom’s 6GB plan it is then!


Anyway, i’ve been pretty occupied with lots of stuffs like work and friends.

Who would have thought that one day, the girl who self-proclaimed that she is allergic to coffee is working as a barista in the green apron coffee house ;)

Kenny and Leon dropped by Sitiawan during the long weekend. So nice of them to stay until I finish work <3

Before they headed back to KL, Leon insisted that I make him a coffee art. Which I failed miserably. I’m so sorry buds :(


My life is pretty much tied up with the green apron coffee house.

When I’m not working, I’m chillin’ with the people from the other green apron coffee house.

Sweet la this two come to Sitiawan just to hang out with me. Soon, it’ll be my turn to find you guys in Ipoh!


When we’re not working, we’re busy laughing. There’s never a dull moment with these two.


And I had the most insane Skype time with Mok.

//screenshots from our video chat LOL. Check out that ass yo! No, it’s not Mok’s.


I’ve noticed that Mok has changed a little. In the past, whenever I showed him some affection, he will get all angsty. But now he just play along which is kinda fun.

But i was unhappy that he was in transit in KLIA for 7 friggin’ hours and he didn’t bother to tell me hrmph. We could have met y’know! Now I don’t know when’s the next time imma see him T3T


Some of the silly stuffs we said.

Mok: Can i go to Starbucks?

Mel: Aww you want me to make coffee for you? But i thought you don’t drink coffee?

Mok: I do just not that often.

Mel: Okay and I will pee in your coffee wtf.


Mok: You know, when I was in Malaysia I had rendang. Oh my god, i really miss your rendang and bak kut teh.

Mel: Aww <3 Who’s bak kut teh is more delicious? Ozias or mine?

Mok: Umm… Ozias but i like your rendang. Rendang chulseyo.


While I was showing Mok my house…


Mel: And this is my room… and here’s Agnes!

Mok: OMG Agnes, long time no see.

Mel: Do you miss Agnes?

Mok: I should have killed it a long time ago.

Mel: So tell me, who do you miss more? Agnes or me?

Mok: Umm… hmm… well… I don’t know.


Mok: What time is it now?

Mel: 11.47am and your side?

Mok: 2.47pm now.

Mel: Oh just 3 hours time difference.

Mok: What’s the temperature there now?

Mel: Wait ya… it’s kinda cold today. Really strong wind and raining. Okay, 27 degrees.

Mok: What?! That’s too hot!

Mel: Hey, it’s cold already in Malaysia okay!! What’s the temperature at your side?

Mok: 17 degrees. Not too hot, not too cold.


Mok: Melissa, seriously.

Mel: *annoyed* What?!

Mok: I think I’m really handsome.



Mok: Okay I need to poo now.

Mel: Can I watch you poo?

Mok: Ok!

*points camera all over the bathroom including the toilet seat and showed me his view from where he’s seating*

Mok: Can i turn off the video now? Please?

Mel: Okay sure haha.



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Jun 27 13

It’s Finally Here!!!

by melmonica


I have to blog about it now before i procrastinate and get really lazy wtf.


OK yesterday started off fantastically cos… I found a really good song! Haha. Good song is like a hidden gem. You can’t simply discover it until it discovers you.


And thus I’m declaring this as my future wedding song wtf. If you want it in your wedding also can la. You’re welcome.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson


If possible on the night itself, I would prefer a live version performed by Ingrid herself (wah like so friend on first name basis already wtf) but I know I wouldn’t be able to afford it and i don’t want to hire another person imitating Ingrid (it would be degrading cos I believe no one can emulate Ingrid in this version. Totally love this vers!)


Anyway, a girl can dream right. So if by any chance Ingrid Michelson, you happen to read this humble blog of mine, I would cordially invite you to perform your magic on a piano, fill the room with the sound of romance and touch the hearts and souls of all my favourite people in my small, intimate wedding day in Malaysia. I believe your version of this song epitomize the love that my future husband and I have. I have picked this song for our first dance.

Or maybe i cannot wait till then that i invite him for a dance to this song in the kitchen when we meet wtf.




Secondly, my birthday card from him has finally arrived!

It was sent on the 4th June from NZ and arrived yesterday so it took 3 weeks. He suspected the card went backpacking around the world before coming home to Malaysia wtf.

This isn’t the only present he gave me. Ozias gave me a proper present when i was in Invercargill for the 2nd time (the impromptu decision that changed the entire course of my life)

So funny. When he gave me the Vodafone paperback and said, “Nah you’re birthday present.”

I was like, “Haaa… what’s in it?” From the outside, i can feel the shape of the box. That time my brain jammed already cannot connect the dots  Vodafone = a mobile phone wtf.

“Oh, I hope it’s a socks cos I need socks wtf.”

“You open and see for yourself la.”

When I opened and saw the S4 box. Muka stunned. My hands started to shake as if the box has a tremendous weight on it.

“Oh please tell me it’s a pair of socks in it.”

“Yeah, maybe it is socks.”

When I held the phone in my hand for real, I felt like i’m in a dream. Nobody has ever present me such a luxurious gift as long as i can remember. I was in lost of words and the only words that came out from my mouth was, “You shouldn’t have.” And the rest is history.

I’m happily using the phone though at times i kinda miss Beats and the fancy HTC Weather app (nothing beats that yo!)

All i can say is Samsung Galaxy S4 is what a smartphone should be. It is that smart. When Ozias and I tested the phone together, we were astonished by how smart the phone is and what it can do. At the same time, it feels kinda creepy. Like the phone is a living thing. It knows what you want, eases your daily routine hence the appropriate tagline “Life Companion”.


Birthday Skype ended at 1am MY time/ 5am NZ time.

Different continents, different timezone, 9000km apart and you made me the happiest girl alive.

I thank god every single day for your presence in my life, for giving me a chance to love you, to be with you and to grow into a better person with you every day. I learn to take things one thing at a time and I want to you to know that I love you so much, every single day.

Thank you sayang. For your love, for everything.

Still waiting till the day we meet again.

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