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Oct 8 15

1041 YO!

by melmonica


Hello peeps! *blows dust on keyboard

As you might/ might not know… that’s my new postcode!

Yepp, I’ve been living in Auckland for almost a month and umm… can’t say that I’m loving it.


Firstly, we are very fortunate to find an affordable place to stay. We were expecting our rent to double what we paid in Invercargill however, it was just a little bit more.$270/ week inclusive of utilities and the room is fully furnished! I reckon it’s a great bargain. However, since it is so cheap… it also means that we lose privacy. When I first stay here, I totally couldn’t get used to it. I am so used to having my own bathroom, kitchen, my personal space. I am so used to running around the house, dancing like I just don’t care. But now… I have to be considerate and not make too much noise. At night, when the bf and I laugh, we have to whisper our laughs. It is so pathetic but I hope this is only temporary.


For weeks I’ve become baby Ozias’ chauffeur to and fro work. I am very proud that I can drive to the city centre from my home. Also very proud that I can drive to Westfield St Lukes with no problem at all. One of the skills that I am (currently) most proud of is memorising directions from Google Map. (Because I’m too cheapo to get data on my phone)


Oh, did I mention that I can have unlimited internet access?! I know I must’ve sound totally idiotic but hear me out. 18 months with no internet at home. I get my supply of internet from the occasional visits to the library and if I’m feeling ‘rich’ (more like when Vodafone has cheapo weekly promo) then I’ll get data on my phone. Now I don’t have to spend a single cent on data! Upgrade!


I am in the midst of getting a job in Auckland. Preferably I would like to jump into the corporate world. Back to digital advertising (where my true love lies). But I reckon since I’ve been away for 3 years, I should start from scratch. Which I don’t mind at all! However, it sucks how every resume that I sent, it gets returned with a rejected email. Makes me feel dejected.

So my game plan is to ‘upgrade’ myself with a digital marketing certificate by the Marketing Association. Classes don’t start till 2016 so I’m currently applying for all sorts of jobs from retail to admin/ data entry (can’t wait to unleash my mad typing skill) to customer service.

Anyway, aside from that… I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M IN AUCKLAND!!!

Most of my time spent in the suburbs so I don’t feel the crazy busy frenzy. But every time I pick the boy up from his work and when I see Sky City from afar, it dawned on me that I AM IN AUCKLAND! And let me tell you this. Boy there is too many Asians here! A lot of Asians also mean that the boy and I cannot gossip in Chinese or BM already. 80% of the Asians understand Chinese, there is surely someone lurking somewhere who can understand BM also. So now we can’t bad mouth people anymore :(

During our first week here, the bf and I went to visit the nearest Asian store and what d’ya know? Whatever that you can dream of having is available here! Asian food is available at every corner of the street and seriously, we contemplated of not going back to Malaysia anymore haha. We are so not going to be homesick here! Saw my childhood snacks the other day and I had to keep my fingers to my pocket. As I’m on the path of eating semi-healthy.


I’ve got some great memories from my 3 weeks of driving from Invercargill to Auckland. What a tiring trip. Had fun, nevertheless. Okay going to abruptly end this post because I’m on chauffeur duty now. Toodles!




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Jul 16 15

Frosty Sunday

by melmonica


Was meant to blog this sooner but i live in an internet-less home so this comes a tad bit late. Better late than never no?

Last weekend we had horribly cold nights. Temperature below 0c is a norm. What’s exciting in this freezing weather is how our entire backyard and neighbourhood are covered with beautiful icy frost. This was the coldest time of the season and it doesn’t come very often (thank god) so to truly appreciate the beauty i took lotsa pictures and videos for rememberance! :)


On Sunday, i had the day off and the bf have a bit of time before work begins so we dragged our warm asses out of the bed and to Queens Park for some coffee and dog watching.


Very rare of me but i actually forgotten to bring my phone out wtf. I know some people will go bonkers without their phone. Well, i’m like that too except when i’m with the boy coz he makes me feel safe <3

All pictures are taken with the Sony Xperia Z2, the boy’s new phone *sigh*. The quality trumps my 2-year-old S4, my phone can retire liao.

See the details of the frost. SO pretty right! Excuse the black foreign object on the top left hehe. That’s my glove wtf. I took another pic sans the glove but posted this up coz i reckon my blurred glove gives the picture a bit of character.


When we arrived the park at 10.30am, it looked like winter wonderland. Everything was in white. But because i went and grabbed coffee and chill, this was taken 30 minutes later. The sun has melt the frost :( But you still can see patches of white covered by shadows.



So captivated by the frost. Tong sampah also must take wtf.


I missed the rare opportunity to take picture in a frosty park :( When we came, the park was literally covered in white. So pretty! I made a mental note to to this exact spot for a picture. And by the time i went, nehhh. Frost melt liao :( Sad ler. But this picture still looks awesome. I am really impressed with the bf’s photo composition. I didn’t have to do anything at all!


The bf exercising hahaha.

See how thick we have to dress! HAHAHA. Damn sien la living in this weather. Can you believe that for 25 years I live in tropical weather and now…. now i have become the person who says “Eh, tonight is warm la.” And that warm is 10c, my friends. OMG 10c nights for me is warm!!! Since when?!

On another note, I am fascinated that human being has the ability to adapt so quickly. Last winter, the only thing i ever blogged about are the complains about the cold. But this year, i have learnt to embrace it, make full use of the physical contact with the bf hahaha. Coz i noticed during summer time, we hugged lesser compared to winter time.



The previous Monday was really cold. I couldn’t remember the exact temp but while we were out, we kept getting hit by hails and it took us at least 10 mins to defrost the car.

And it snowed that night!


This is Louisa Street. My lovely and very quiet neighbourhood. Every morning, you can hear nothing but birds chirping and my boyfriend snoring next to me haha. My 2 fav sounds to wake up to <3

This is the road on my right but the bottom pic made it to Instagram :)


Oh gosh, just look at the snow-powdered picture! I wished i had a picture with my face in it! But this picture was taken on my day off, when i just woke up at 10.45am so no way am i documenting my crazy hair with it. Also, the cold was no joke.

And this was beside my house lah. Not a very pretty sight but still one to remember :)

A full version of this year’s snowfall. The one i posted on instagram was only 15 seconds (mehhh) and this was 30 seconds long i think?! Actually the nice part of the video is the ending but it wasn’t on instagram sighhh.

Neways, we kept whispering in the video haha because the street was really quiet. This was around midnight-ish in the CBD.


Enjoy :)

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Jul 8 15

What I ate in Auckland

by melmonica



I am such a glutton that I’m dedicating this blogpost on food alone! Haha. The bf and I are such gastronomical adventurers. Every place that we went, we will for sure check out the best coffee in town.


This post is choke-full of delicious pictures.


**Skipped Day 1 because we were so hungry from our flight + rushing for the BSB concert so tummy takes precedence.


Day 2/ 3rd Meal

Breakfast with the boy’s favourite – Dim Sum at China Yum Char Restaurant.


First thing to put into my mouth in the morning – delicious! I’m not a huge fan of congee but this was so simple yet flavourful. I could have finished it off on my own but was saving tummy space for more 😉


Then we had chee cheong fun. I like the ones with prawn but this one is with coriander (i think) and it was so yummy.


Prawn dumpling! As we go along, you’d know that i heart everything prawn. Especially in this tiny, delicate form.


And the many others that we ordered. Couldn’t be bothered to take nice picture anymore coz my tummy was screaming for these babies!

Price was really reasonable. We had 6 items and tea for two and the bill came to $36.60. Considering this was made fresh, making it really worth it. The ones that we had in Dunedin was obviously frozen and the bill was a tad bit more expensive. Don’t ask me how i know. Ask the bf’s super tongue lol.


Day 2/ 4th Meal

As we walked around Queen Street looking for things to eat, we decided to eat at a food court. There are the usual varieties i.e. Indian, Japanese/ Korean, Chinese, Thai, Middle East and when we came across Bintang Wok and went through the menu then we realized “Eh Malaysian food lah!”

Although we had promised Kelly to have  Malaysian food tonight but we couldn’t wait till then! Saving the best for later so I ordered the 2nd food in my craving list. The nasi goreng kampung. Very spicy pls!


Mamma mia! Just look at this! The first bite immediately transported me back to home. It really taste like home. $10 is exxy if you convert to RM but when you’re 9,000km away from home, pay only lah!

The spiciness level was just right. The type that of spiciness that will keep you addicted. OMG i wished i could tapau this back to Invercargill lol.


The bf had char kuey teow (typical Penangite) Umm, I do not have much to comment about it because I was too engrossed with my nasi goreng to even bother trying his char kuey teow. But the bf seems to like it. We both jilat habis the plate haha.


Day 2/ 5th Meal

Dinner time with Kelly! We’ve got to know each other last year through Dayre, a mobile blogging app where I had questions about the process of renewing Malaysian passport in NZ. She was super kind to help a stranger out and we kept in touch ever since :)

When baby Ozias and i confirmed our trip to Auckland, I know I really have to meet her to thank her personally for all her help. Without her, we would be daunted by the complicated procedure. But Kelly the lifesaver carefully prepared a list of forms and gave us some helpful tips which make our life so much easier.

Thank you so much woman for all your help! And of course, we have to treat them for dinner right? 😀 She made reservation at Ngopi. A Malaysian cafe operated by a team of volunteers.

Of course, I had to have my nasi lemak.

Expectation: Village Park Nasi Lemak 

Reality: Nasi with Curry Chicken, $12.50


I guess… in a western country, that’s how they do it. I do not blame them actually coz not many mat salleh will know how to appreciate an authentic sambal nasi lemak like we do. But still, the curry was very yummy.



The bf’s Char Hor Fun,$11. In retrospect, he said he shouldn’t have ordered this as he can actually cooked this at home.


Kelly’s Curry Laksa, $11. It looks yummy, no?! Gosh, I would do anything for this. Been craving for Sitiawan’s curry noodle for the longest time. Seriously, if i were to be living in Auckland, every week i’d go to the same cafe and ordered different dishes just to try them all out. I am such a glutton.


Day 2/ 6th Meal

Dessert was at Meet Fresh.


Cantik anot our dessert. The night was a little nippy but it didn’t stop us from having Taiwanese dessert. In Invercargill, there is no such thing as bubble milk tea. The only desserts that we have here is frozen yogurt. Sad right?! Blame it on the lack of Asian population here :(

Baby Ozias was chatting animatedly with Kelly in Hokkien. So nice to meet kaki lang in a foreign country. And it’s such a small world after all. Apparently, Kelly’s father-in-law is Ozias’ discipline teacher. Haha.


Day 2/ 7th Meal

After bidding goodbye to the couple (Kelly and her hubs, Aaron), we continued walking around exploring the city’s nightlife. After all the many meals we had for the day, the bf was still hungry. So I introduced him to my fav burger franchise, BurgerFuel.



Just look at that tam chiak face! I had a bite or two from him. Regretting not ordering one for myself as I’m craving for it now >.<


Day 2/ 8th Meal 

We figured the night is still young so we lepak at Starbucks for a lil bit. Invercargill ran out of Rasberry Truffle Mocha so gotta have it when you’re in Auckland!



This has got to be one of the most complicated drinks they’d need to make. I’m sorry…. i’m very fussy with my Sbux like that >.<


Day 3/ 9th Meal


Rise and shine, it’s a brand new day. We’ve been in Auckland for 3 days and we still haven’t had a cuppa coffee. After googling for a good one, we decided on Imperial Lane.



I had my usual trim mocha and the bf had flat white. My verdict, just average. I’ve drank better ones.


But this… the potato waffle is the star of the day. This is something that I can eat every single day. It was so delicious, the next day i was craving for it already.


Day 3/ 10th Meal

Out of Kelly’s recommendation, we tried Korean at Dong Demoon.


The spicy chicken wing is supposedly a very famous dish here. They have 2 levels of spiciness – mild or hot. According to Kelly, mild was already very spicy for her. The type of spiciness will numb your palette. And of course i played safe. Since i was going to travel the next day, I don’t want to spend a good amount of time in the toilet.

My verdict: Mild gives me a slight kick of spiciness. It wasn’t overly spicy until you cry but it was alright. Being a spicy food lover, I’d go for the hot one next time. Downside is the price for this dish is too steep. $30 for about 10 pieces of spicy chicken wing with a side salad and a bowl of nori rice is certainly not worth it.


By day 3, we’ve already explored every nook and corner of the CBD and we were running out of places to go haha. Even walk through the dodgy lane and uninteresting malls to kill time.


Day 3/ 11th Meal

After hours of exercising walking around aimlessly, we settled for a second cuppa coffee for the day at Remedy Coffee.

I tried to be adventurous and ordered myself an affogato.


OMG this was so good. I certified this to be way better than Imperial Lane’s one. I’m not good in describing coffee, pardon my lack of adjectives. The espresso shot has a rich, smooth flavour and when mixed with vanilla gelato it just slides through your throat. It was so good.


The cafe was also very queit. Lots of books on the wall and shelf and people reading. The bf and I had to whisper as to not make too much noise.


Day 3/ 13th Meal

We had sushi as our 12th meal. Not documented here because I reckon it’s sushi. Very common everywhere lol. For dessert, we went to Giapo for ice cream. They labeled themselves as haute ice cream. Just like how haute couture did with fashion.


They have all these unique ice cream flavours but I’ve got to have my salted caramel. That’s my #1 choice. We had to other flavours too which i can’t remember (sorry) and it was so good. I am generally an ice cream person and i would totally fall in love with the store if it’s possible (creepy!)

The store concept emphasizes on creativity thus their ice cream ‘designs’ for each customer is different. We had ice cream topped with golden flakes. I saw some people had colorful topping which i was very jealous of. Haha.


This is me with the ice cream for posterity sake lol.


Day 4/ 14th Meal

Breakfast time! Our last day to try coffee in Auckland. So we chose The Shelf which was just 5 minutes walk from our BBH.


The cafe is gorgeously decorated with bright artworks hanging on the walk, on the shelfs. 


The cafe is owned by a group of Korean. We were there at about 10am on a Friday and it was full! People from all walks of life can be seen in the cafe – from people in suits, to tourist (like us) and university students. We lugged our luggage (luckily it’s not huge) but still it was obstructing the walkway.


Creepy paparazo shot of the men in suits. I can’t get enough of the pretty dainty decor.


I kinda expect the cafe food to come with a twist but not the drinks. Coz how creative can a flat white and mocha be? But my mocha was so pretty and unique. It has chocolate bar slowly melting away into my drink and chocolate syrup on the side for people who likes it more chocolatey. Well, it is pretty to look at but the drink isn’t very nice. I like my mocha balanced – 50% coffee, 50% chocolate. This was chocolate > coffee. The bf commented that his drink was good.

Baby Ozias’ French Toast.


My heart shaped waffle.

Umm, didn’t like this at all. The waffle was dry and portion was too small for a big eater like me haha. If i’m not mistaken this was about $10 – $15 so not worth it at all. I can make this at a fraction of the price. Of course not as pretty lah haha. So basically, i’m just paying for aesthetic and not quality. Hrmph.

But the bf’s French Toast was so delicious. I wished we had switched plates but not nice to give something i don’t like to my bf haha. So just suck it in and wasted calories on yucky food :(


Day 4/ 15th Meal


Before we leave for the airport, we had our last Asian meal. Since it was a chilly day and i was craving for something soupy, so we went to Daikoku, the Japanese restaurant by Countdown.


I had spicy ramen, while the bf had the normal ones. The weird thing about me is I like ramen but won’t take ramen. Hahaha. Meaning I’d only take the soup and the ingredients that comes with it but not the noodle. If you asked me, I’m an udon girl. I don’t like ordering ramen at Japanese coz to me it just taste like instant noodle (big difference, i know but that’s my palette wtf) So i had few bites of the ramen and passed the rest to baby Ozias. Poor boy, 2 hours ago we just had the breakfast. By the end of the meal, we were stuffed. Had to sit for 10 minutes digesting before making our way to the airport. But we’re not complaining! Sapu all the delicious food before we fly :)


Chiken karage. Love the sticks on the left. Not sure what is it but so addictive haha. Arghhh thinking about Japs food and i’m missing Marufuku! When i was in M’sia for 9 months, i have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to bring the boy there for Japs. I haven’t had it for 3 years already *sob*


So that’s it folks! Some of the food we had in Auckland. We had street food and bubble milk tea too but sometimes cannot let your phone eat first right!


Previously during our working holiday, the boy and I stayed in Auckland before and from that experience alone, we didn’t like Auckland. We hated it actually hahaha. But for some reason in this trip, we grew to like the city. It even felt like home to us. Maybe coz we walked Queen Street like a million time. Can locate Glasson and Hallenstein easily (haha my landmark).

We were also in love with the weather. It was autumn but since we live in Invercargill (most southern city in NZ) we felt the weather here is as warm as summer. I mean Invercargill’s summer time coz it can be pretty chilly. So we were like wahhh macam summer time. Wear all the shorts in the world!!!

Our friend, Kelly is very persistent in asking us to move up north. And her method hits home. She constantly tempts me with all her Malaysian home-cooked meals *drools*. If i ever move there one day, imma camp at her backyard or clean her house in exchange for good food haha.








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Jun 23 15

Relationship Level Up

by melmonica


The other night the boyfriend was doing the dishes. I was chilling by his side attentively listening to him talk about his day.


Him: … we were busy for a while and then… wait. What’s that smell? OMG YOU FART!!! *runs away from me*

Me pretending to chase after him in our tiny teeny house. He then seek refuge in our room and attempted to close the door but i was fast. And he went to our bed and tried to create a barrier between us.

I was breathless from all the laughing to even bother chasing after him anymore. I was literally ROFL at the door.




HAHAHAHAHAHA. I just couldn’t stop laughing.


I don’t usually fart but when i do it’s a silent killer LOL. Whereas baby Ozias (he insisted that i call him this here) fart loudly all the time. It’s usually odor-less but damn annoying!

It’s funny how we are at a phase where we can be totally comfortable with each other’s quirks. When i first move in with him, i always ‘maintain’ my behaviour. Making sure our home is in tip-top condition before he comes back. I was very self conscious of myself and obviously, i wasn’t being me lah. I was pretending to be one of those Stepford wives. I think when i need to fart, I’d go somewhere else to release it.

After a while, he felt more comfortable farting in my face in front of me and that always make us cringe and laugh hysterically. After some time, I also felt comfortable making him smell my one-of-a-kind EDT. LOL.


Anyway, they said your have taken your relationship to the next level when you feel comfortable farting in front of your partner. Hence, the title! What…. did i mislead you into thinking something else? 😛



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Jun 21 15


by melmonica


It is the dreaded time of the year. The day when i turn one year older. And this year it’s a little bit more depressing because 29 is the last year of my 20s *sobs*. Goodbye carefree life, goodbye youthfulness. And welcome to the trial and tribulation of an adult.


However, it wasn’t all bad actually. At 29, i feel more confident of what i want and how to achieve it. When i was in my 20s, i was exposing myself with as much experience as i could possibly have – jumping from jobs to jobs, country to country. After all the ups and down, i now know what i’m good at and work on it. No more jack of all trades, master of none anymore!


During my working holiday time, i always wanted to celebrate my birthday in a foreign country. Last year was my first, pretty exciting time. This year… not so much. Just cuz, i always envisioned that celebrating your birthday in a foreign country means lots of excitement and party with fireworks (hahaha my dream birthday) but… celebrating your birthday particularly in Invercargill means you’re stuck at home, covering yourselves in the duvet with hot chocolate. Yeah, one of those sober grandmother’s birthday. Heck… i think my grandmother has more happening birthday than mine wtf.


Anyway, reality is celebrating your birthday overseas means not having your family and friends around, celebrating with the wind from South Pole blowing at the speed of 70km/h. Yepp, it was that horrible. But i owe it to my boyfriend Ozias for making it as special as he can.


So here’s the best bit – we celebrated my birthday on 2 different days! Why you asked? Why not?!


On his day off – Monday the 8 of June, we did normal couple housework stuffs. Eating Chinese takeaway at the launderette. Groceries bla bla bla then we went to watch Aloha.


Holy smokes, the movie sucks big time. I am so surprised that 3 of the top Hollywood blockbuster actor and actresses agreed to act in a movie with no storyline. AT ALL! I came out not understanding a single bit. I overheard the other patrons commented, “I fell asleep.” Another one said, “I almost but Bradley Cooper kept me awake”. Seriously?! Initially i thought it’s a rom com but it is far from it. I just… i don’t even know what to label this movie. Worst movie i ever watched wtf.

To end the night off, we had dinner at Buster Crabb. It’s conveniently near to our place and passing by this place for a year and a half, i am really so curious about this restaurant because the door is always close. It’s tradition to have your wishes come true on your birthday right?

The boy and i ordered 2 mains and a dessert (learnt our lesson from Valentine’s Day)



Moi’s 250g Eye Fillet wrapped in Bacon with garlic prawn and risolle potatoes and garlic butter sauce on the side.


The boy’s Mixed Grill that comes with 200g of Rib Eye, Lamb Rump, Chicken Breast and Bacon (basically the whole farm lah!) with garlic prawn and marinated mushrooms on the side.

Food was great! I tend not to order chicken when i eat out because i’m sick of eating chicken at home (it’s the cheapest meat at the supermarket) But boy oh boy. I always find eating chicken is so boring but sayang’s chicken breast was so delicious. It was cooked to perfection and it changed my perception on chicken! Life changing moment for my tongue. We were there for the steak but the chicken breast stole the show. It is a damn good chicken coming from a chicken meat hater wtf.

For drinks the boy had Irish Coffee and I had Fresh Plum Daiquiri. Oh gosh, another refreshing, mouth watering cocktail. Fell in love at first sip. Told the boy, we gotta come back here again.

To finish it off, we had Banofee Cheesecake.


Not my favourite lah since I don’t fancy banana flavoured food. But it’s a well balanced dessert because I had the raspberry, cream and ice cream (something that the boy doesn’t like) and he finished the (deconstructed) banana cheesecake.

And when we returned home, i pestered the bf and asked if he got me anything for my birthday. He said sorry don’t have but understandable lah coz we need to save money for a million things (sigh growing up). Took a long shower and when i came out of the bathroom, this was hanging at the door!


I was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! Quickly put on my PJs and went to open my present!


Tadah! A earring from him! I’ve have been looking for a simple earring design for the longest time and I finally have one now :)

Told him next time not to get Pandora liao (I actually not a fan of the brand) But quickly add “Other brand can lah ok!” HAHAHAHAHA.

When the clock struck 12 on my actual birthday we celebrated with cake! Birthday is the only time that i shamelessly and guiltless-ly eat cake without a care about how much calories i’m consuming.


Nah an ugly picture of me here. No make up, pic taken in yellowish fluorescent light. No amount of editing can save it T3T


A closer shot of the cake. I requested for salted caramel flavour (my fav!) but according to the baker they can’t do salted caramel. Can only do caramel. So… overly-sweet-borderline-diabetic cake for me! The boy got it from Colonial bakery. He didn’t request for any design and it turned out to be so old fashioned one! I used to see this cake design when i was young i.e. in my teens? Now people still make cake like this meh!

Aesthetic aside, the cake was fluffy and yummy. My teeth sinks into its soft flesh. Despite it being too sweet for my liking, i still enjoyed it. Until i found egg shells in the cake wtf! Seriously?!!!!! This is unacceptable! But working in the F&B line, i understand sometimes people make mistake. I rang them up and just casually told them about it. They wanted to compensate for it but i was fine with it. Didn’t make a big fuss out of it, just give them a heads up so that the baker would be more careful in the future.

Anyway, while i was making my wish the bf sneaked into the room. I was like, “Eh where are you going. What are you doing?” And i can hear him opening the cupboard. Weird… why the sudden? And when i finished with my wishes, opened my eyes and the bf shoved a plastic bag into my hand. Yay another present *spoilt* And it’s a bag.


A bag that i really really want! I’ve always wanted a bucket bag. Saw this when we were shopping before our trip but i didn’t get it. At that time, i was secretly wishing that he would get for me on the spot but he didn’t and i sadly went home LOL. Smart fella got this for my birthday instead! Ok la you passed the test lah. You know me really well 😉 I cried when i saw the bag. Because i used to have one – dad bought it from Africa and it’s brown. It’s simple but unique at the same time because nobody in Malaysia has the same as me. After my working holiday, i went back and look for the bag but it got moldy. My heart broke into a million pieces. Same feeling as losing your pet. So this was a really good surprise! Love the details of the bag. Can’t wait till it’s warmer to bring this baby out to play!

The next morning, after brainstorming on which cafe to go for breakfast (we tried all the cafe here liao) we settled for EAT on Windsor.



The boy had fluffy pancakes served with crispy bacon, fresh banana and maple syrup.


I like savory breakfast! Had the famous hash brown. Description copied from the website : Grated potato, whole see mustard, cheese and onion, combined into a cake. Wrapped in fresh bread crumbs and fried till it is golden and crispy. Served with creamy button mushroom, grilled bacon, fresh tomato salsa and a poached egg.

Mushroom (/)

Bacon (/)

Poached egg (/)

I’m sold!

All the different components taste beautifully individually. When eat it together, you can taste all these different flavours – sweet, sourish and salty. Yums! Portion is huge. Unfortunately it was too heavy for 10am so i ended up doggy bag ’em.

I’m very particular about my coffee and it was so-so. Not the best but not the worst too. It leans on the pricier side for cafe but worth every single cent.

When i arrived home, there was a delivery for me! Smarty pants boyfriend got me roses over the internet tsk. Asked him not to get a huge bouquet anymore coz i feel so reluctant to throw them away when they wilted. Told him next time get me 1 rose can already. At least my heart doesn’t ache as much when i throw it (oopssss)


He insisted that i take pic with my roses.

But seriously, i think they’re beautiful on its own.


The only good thing about living in a very cold area is my flowers can last for a month. I know in Malaysia, my flowers would probably last for days then i have to chuck them away.

Overall i had a fantastic birthday. I felt really special on my birthday. Although the activities are pretty normal but the moment spent together that matters. Now now, this set a very high standard for the next birthday. Seriously, i can feel the pressure to make his birthday equally special now.

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Jun 5 15

Apia – The Good and The Ugly Side of It

by melmonica


Hi guys! How are you doing? Took me such a long time to write about my travels. That’s because I was going through post-holiday depression wtf. Was really emo about leaving Samoa because… I’ll write another blogpost about it okay 😉


I was contemplating to do a chronological blogpost but thought better to do it place-specific.


So we landed at Faleoleo Airport which is 30 minutes away from Apia, the capital city.


It is an open aired airport lol.

Above – front view.

Below – back view.


I gotta say i LOVE flying with Air New Zealand. I love how the company updates its safety video. 2 years ago, when I flew with them it was Lord of the Ring safety video.


This time when i flew with them, they played this video!

So apt right?


That time semangat already wana sink my feet into the sand and dipped myself in the sea.


To be honest, first impression of Samoa – very village like. It is one of the most underdeveloped island in the South Pacific. So… show you some photos of our drive through the island.


This is one of the building along the road.


Oh i should mention – upon arriving, we rented a car from the first car rental that we saw. Smartie pants us for not exploring outside and immediately signed up for the first thing we see tsk.


Anyway, we rented a Rav 4 for $110 Tala per day. That’s equivalent to about NZD$55. Not sure if this is the cheapest as we didn’t check out the other car rental agencies.

The car wasn’t in the best condition. As we drove, it felt like it’s going to break apart. At times I was paranoid because the island is hilly and i don’t want anything to ruin my vacation. Anyway, we traveled around in one piece. Fuh.

On our first night, we stayed in Tatiana Motel, Apia. As I am a terrific blogger, I don’t have a picture of the place but feel free to browse the pictures on its website la ok 😉

But I have picture of our breakfast! Hahaha. Living the name of a Malaysian.

Anyway, we stayed in a room with double bed and single bed with ensuite bathroom. The rate was $110 Tala inclusive of breakfast. I think it’s a pretty good deal. However, it is rather far from city center thus having your own car is essential.


So while i was having breakfast, i was curious about the food that they served. As it is one of the most underdeveloped country, i was curious if they manufactured any products or is it all imported ones?



This… this ugly looking jam is made in Malaysia wtf. Don’t know whether to be proud or not. The jam was too sweet for my liking. Also could be because i’m not a sweet breakfast person. I prefer it savoury.


Check out time is the usual 10am and then off we went to the flea market. Told you it’s very Malaysia right. Actually, the whole place reminds me of Sabah. The city center – Kota Kinabalu (minus the multi-storey shopping centre) and the village – Kudat.


Samoans are very religious people thus you can see churches scattered sporadically around the island. This majestic one is opposite the i-Site. Tourists are allowed to enter the church but you must dressed appropriately. No sleeveless tops and bottom must be knee-length (or longer). As i was mostly in tak tutup aurat beach wear, so I skipped that.


This is a common sight in the village. This house is consider rather modern already. Some houses are only made of wood. And if you see closely, there’s a cemetery on the left side of the house. In Samoa and Rarotonga (can’t talk for the other islands) it is common to have your ancestor’s cemetery buried right in front of the house. Not sure why though. I wish i have a tour guide or local to explain this.


Made the bf stopped in the middle of the road so that i can take pic of the tong sampah. You’re welcome. Not sure to label it creative anot haha.


And also paparazzi shot of the garbage men. (Is there a nicer way to address them?)

So when you’re in the village, seeing chicken and ducks roaming around is a norm right? Have you seen…


A horse walking towards your car as you drive past it?

Have you…


seen Size 2 before? LOL. It’s actually piglets but the Samoan called pigs as Size 2. This bf super excited every time he sees a group of them. Entertained the cuteness but after 5 times it doesn’t get any cuter, more like irritating la. But the bf still gushes about its cuteness tsk.

So i’ve written the good side of Upolu in general. Now for the ugly side of it *jeng jeng jeng*


Generally, the Samoans are big sized people like Dwayne Johnson (he’s half Samoan btw). And come these 2 Asian kids, so naturally we stood out like sore thumb la. A Dutch friend said that if you hear the word ‘Palangi’ it means they’re talking about you. It actually means white people but i’m not sure why we’re in that category la. Anyway, whenever they see tourist, they see the $$ sign. Which is a normal case in many tourist spot. But what is unfair is that if you go to say food court, the cashier will purposely hike up the price. We were in this kopitiam where the majority are local. No tourist in sight. So the price must be cheap right for locals to makan? Unfortunately a bottle of water cost $5 Tala (supermarket was selling at $2 Tala).

Next bad experience is the champion of all champion la.

So we were looking for this food court called Sunrise – said to have authentic Samoan food. As a foodie, i’m up to trying new food. While we were walking around searching for this particular restaurant, out of nowhere, a man came up to us and started talking to us.

Man: Hi, how are you? Remember me?

Us: Umm… no.

Man: I saw you the other day. I’m the immigration officer that stamped your passport.

Who on earth remember immigration officer face la. So at this point we just played along.

Man extended his hand for a handshake. Bf dutifully reciprocated the handshake. Me silently gasp.


Man: Where are you heading? You look lost.

Us: We are looking for Sunrise. We want to try the Samoan food there.

Man: Oh, i can bring you there. It’s just around the corner.

So he led the way…

Man: So how long have you been in Samoa?

Us: 5 days already. We’re leaving tonight.

Man: Oh, in that case I will see you tonight at the immigration check point. I start work at 6pm later. What do you think of Samoa people? They’re friendly right?

Us: Yes, they’re nice and friendly. We love the weather and the beaches here.

Once we arrived outside Sunrise.

Man: Okay, this is Sunrise. And please write your name for the donation of the junior football team.

He then shoved the paper to Ozias and didn’t even give us a chance to decline or think about it. On the A4 paper itself, there was 2 English names with the same handwriting. I doubt it was a genuine person and they both donated $50 Tala.

As it was our final day already, we actually budget our finance cukup cukup to last the day. And now there’s this person who out of nowhere extorting money from us. Dah ler we area already poor lagi kena makan.

Well, we definitely don’t have $50 Tala so the bf wrote $20 Tala. Only to later find out that we only have $15 Tala. Apologized to the guy and he looked pissed. PISSED AT US! Wow the audacity! He didn’t even thank us. Just walked away like we’re a waste of time wtf.

At that time i was super angry. Angry that we just got cheated right under our nose but at the same time worried if we have enough money to eat and pay for gas.


After that i was dying to go home already. Thanks stupid ass for ruining our vacation. Remember how he said he was going to see us at the airport? Bullshit. He wasn’t even there. So not sure if he’s a genuine immigration officer or just some random person trying to make money off the tourist.










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May 2 15

Protected: Kicking it off with Animosity

by melmonica

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Apr 16 15

Tu Eres Mi Vida

by melmonica


Hello people! I survived the week! Phew, new job is so intense. By day 3 I almost wana give up. But luckily the days thereafter was a-OK!


Honestly, i don’t think i can survive the week if it’s not for this guy right here.
2015-02-17 11.11.37

Sorry ah pictures today are all unedited coz my phone battery is critically low and I’m in the library with only one power plug here. Either I charge my phone and mobile blog or make do with yellowish pictures here. Contemplating with the phone option but i’m downloading movies. So yes, that’s my priority wtf.

Anyway, this guy here has countless times makes my heart melt, make me go weak in the knee and heart skipped a beat. Let me fill you in on mundane yet precious details of my days.

The night before my first day, I tried on the uniform and discovered some creases on the shirt. OK so i attempted to iron my clothes on… my bed wtf. Shamefully speaking, I have never ironed my clothes more than 10 times in my entire life. Growing up I always have my mom or grandma to do it #spoiledbrat >.< Inserting funny memories here –> When Ozias was in Malaysia with me, i wanted to impress him and tried ironing his t-shirt. In the end, i created more creases and he saw what I was doing, he went all haiyoh not like that la. And grabbed the iron away. I wanted to cry. Cos i not only failed to impress him but I also made myself looked like a fool. Luckily he still want me la hahaha.

Between the two of us I am the last minute one so 2 hours before my bed time i tried ironing my uniform, only to suddenly have this plastic residue on the shirt. I was horrified and thought die lah i have to tell my boss that i’ve ruined their uniform liao. And was pretty sure that i’d be fired. Or made to pay for it wtf. Then i very genius tried to scrape the residue out and it worked. I sprinkled some water and scratched it. After 30 mins, i was tired but it was still visible. When the bf comes back, can see the disappointment in his face like why he got so useless gf 1. But all he did was asked me to go to bed and he will settle it for me.

Of course, who am i kidding. How can i sleep at 11pm when my usual bed time is 2am. I tossed and turned, with one ear on alert listening to what the bf is doing in the living room. After a while he came into the room, took his pajamas and showered. When he returned to the room, i felt so happy to be in his arms. Within seconds (i swear) i immediately KO. It’s like having him by my side is a surefire method for me to sleep.

The next morning, I groggily woke up and put the kettle on. Then i saw this.

2015-04-09 05.52.22

OMGGGGG the bf surprised me with breakfast! I was so touched i wanted to cry. Why am i so lucky !!

Cannot dwell in the moment for too long. Have to jump into the shower and wash up.

And that’s part 1 of why my bf is awesome! :)


2015-04-10 06.01.27

He also makes my lunch box for work! Haha you must be wondering why do I only eat sandwich. That’s cuz it’s fast and fuss-free! For those who knows me well, i am the slowest and messiest eater ever. I love food too much to eat ’em hastily. So mini sandwich is perfect! Any bigger than that, i’ll make a mess.

2015-04-13 08.47.48

One fine morning, he woke up at 6am making this for breakfast and pack some for my lunch. OMG am i lucky or what? Am i dreaming? Is he really mine?! I believe in relationship you give and take but i’ve been taking so much lately I have to think of things to contribute to this relationship >.<

The bf and i are night owls and for him to wake up early to prepare meals then dropped me off at work and attempt to go back to sleep (he starts work at 11am) is too amazing for words.

The other night, i emo-cried because i was upset that we’re not spending time together. Our schedule is totally opposite. Due to work, I wake up at 5.30am thus I go to bed latest by 11pm. Whereas for him, he finished his work at 10pm. And it’s impossible to catch up on your day in 1 hour time lor! This new lifestyle bothered me a lot but the hours and learning curve is too good. Impossible to say no! But we’re making the best of every single seconds we have :)

One of the blessing in disguise is not having TV at home. Instead of being hooked to the idiot box, we get to have quality time together.

And recently, i watched P.S. I love you the movie and thought it’s a sappy love story. But no lor! It’s about a wife mourning her late husband. Every 5 minutes i’m in tears coz i can’t imagine my life without Ozias. Can’t imagine what i would do if I were Holly in the movie. Next Monday we’re catching The Longest Ride hopefully it’ll sweep me off my feet like how The Vow did! <3


Anyway sayang, thank you so much for all the little efforts and things that you have done for me. Thank you for your patience and kindness and love. Thank you for spoiling me to bits! Keep them coming ya. Haha.


Lots of love.

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Apr 1 15


by melmonica


Happiness is

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.56.21

discovering new music <3

Am a little bored with my current playlist. Few weeks ago I was feeling nostalgic so I have a lot of 90s songs i.e. Spice Girls/ Britney Spears etc and now I want more sophisticated genre wtf. Don’t want too boring yet too pumped up. And also I am on a mission to compile a playlist for my up-coming trip! Yes I’m going for a holiday. Haven’t blogged about it hor. Wait ya lemme download some songs from this playlist first before I change to another soundtrack – #TFIOS!

OK this version is pretty cool. Have a listen guys. I am on top of the world. Yeah, music makes me REALLY HAPPY <3


OK #TFIOS soundtrack is surprisingly disappointing. Maybe i’m just not in the mood for mellow music.


Updates about my life. Where do i begin?!


Let’s go for the exciting news 1 first la ok. As I mentioned earlier the boy and I have booked our 2 years anniversary trip to Auckland & Samoa woohoo! We will be having 2 weeks off from the humdrum-ness that we call working life and seek for an adventure outside of South Island. Homaigod I can’t wait to get out of here just cuz the weather has been really depressing and it annoys the shit out of me!


And we are going to watch Backstreet Boys in Vector Arena!


This is such a good coincident because our anniversary is on the 14th May and BSB is performing on the 12th so the appropriate thing to do is go enjoy one-shot right!

Plus the bf has not been to a concert before so all the more reason to go right (and of course fulfilling our childhood dream) I really hope they’d sing more of the old songs than the new ones coz I don’t follow them anymore. Only have memories of them during my teens.

Planning our travels is a little stressful. It takes a substantial amount of effort to be considerate. Ozias and I are two totally different type of people when it comes to planning for a holiday. I am the type of person who work hard & play hard so I do not mind paying extra for a little bit of luxury. But Ozias is the type who sets a budget and then plan accordingly strictly within the budget. To be honest, when we planned & discussed, I wasn’t looking forward and thought the trip would be canceled because the flight alone would cost us $2,000. And the budget is $3,000. I was feeling down, a little depressed in the sense that what’s the point of going for a holiday when you have no money to enjoy? And I haven’t thought of it for a while.

But in the end, the trip is ON! Fortunately for us, the flight tix price dropped and we managed to get the flight tix + BSB tix under $2000. Quite an achievement I’d say. Now left accommodation part nia.


My second good news is… I got a new job!

Remember last year when I did work experience in a cafe, out-of-the-blue they called me up and offered me a position. Ozias was more excited than me whereas I… I feel shocked to be honest. I wasn’t expecting to change a job and when the opportunity came, the right thing to do is grab it.

Right now I’ll be working full time with Global Byte Cafe & casual hours with Subway *sob*. I feel nervous > excited coz 1) I will be working 7am – 3pm, 5pm – 9.30pm on my first 2 days. I’m not sure how I’d cope especially Global Byte is the 2nd busiest cafe in Invercargill.

Also I can already feel the pressure as I’ll be trained to do the opening on the first 2 days and closing on the next 2 days. To me, opening shift is a crucial shift as it will determined how the rest of the shift/ service would be. I’ve seen and experienced it first hand how an opening staff in Subway was incompetent and subsequently affect all the shifts thereafter. I vow to never be that person and put my colleagues in that predicament so putting myself a lot of pressure there heh!

Even more difficult is to adjust my body clock to waking up before 7am! In Subway, I mostly do night shifts. Occasionally I helped out with morning shifts but that starts at 10am and I have a bit of hours to sleep in (and manja with him) But 7am. 7 FREAKING AM! I can do it 1. Just have to sleep at 10pm which is another impossible task as I’m so used to sleeping at 2 or 3am.

Ok let’s focus on positivity shall we? I’m looking forward to be trained as a barista. I reckon if you’re working in F&B in NZ, you should be a trained barista or bartender. If you are pro in either of this field, you’d be wanted in the job market.



So last week we met up with the Mt. Cook ladies in Dunedin. A much needed getaway from the senior citizen city. It was also the day that I had about 5 hours of sleep & 3 cups of coffee in 24 hours. I was rather quiet on that day coz… oh i had a fight with him. Hrmph.


Anyway, I hate saying goodbye. Meeting them is like breathing in fresh air. Wish we don’t have to say goodbye or separate. Wishing that one day all of us will be living in the same city. Looking forward to freshly brewed coffee from Catherine and yummy fattening desserts from Christine.


On a more personal note, I have been adding more greens in my diet and snacking on fruits as a habit. Trying to be leaner, healthier for the trip. I wana shop for new bikini though i probably gonna wear it like a couple of times a year only :(

Also been reading a lot lately. Thanks to him I have my hands on 50 Shades of Grey book. My mind kept making comparisons to the movie and of course the book is so much better. But overall, it’s not the book that I’d hold it dear to my heart. After completing that, I was ready for some Murakami but the bf secretly bought 50 Shades Darker and oh my I could not put the book down. I am taking my time reading it but before I know it, I’m almost the end of the book already *gasp*. Not planning to read 50 Shades Freed so soon. My Murakami is calling me. Plus after that I have to start reading the books that I have in our mini home library.

Ok ending this post with a picture of the bf since we hardly take pics together anymore.


Did a B&W version of this and wanted to put it as my FB Cover Photo but thought it’d be too cheesy. So ok la put in my blog also nice right?

Love this boy very much. When we are happy, we’re at our happiest. I guess the reason why we fought so much last year is because we were learning about each other and the whole compromising thing is a foreign concept to the both of us.

But now at least, we rarely have big fights. And we know that in the most heated argument, deep down we still love each other very much. Love you so much sayang. Looking forward to doing nothing with you in Samoa. Can’t wait for you to be home tonight. See you muacks xx.



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Feb 20 15

Our First Valentine’s

by melmonica

Obligatory Valentine’s post because the boy pressured me to update my blog LOL. Sometimes i feel that he secretly (or shamelessly) likes to read my blogposts about him. Feel like a superstar huh, sayang? 😛

We celebrated a few days earlier because on the 9th is the only day we are free. And we had pre-planned activities for the day.

Started off with tenpura sushi for $1.50/piece and 2 to-go Starbucks cuppa. I ordered Caramel Machiatto but it tasted like Flat White and I don’t take Flat White. Was contemplating of changing it but i drank 1/4 already so i bitterly switched my drink with the bf’s. Felt guilty that he has to drink my shitty drink but since his go-to cuppa is always Flat White then i guess it’s okay?

After that, we went to watch…


My bestie warned me that it isn’t a good Valentine’s movie but i really really wana watch this so just wing it and we both like it very much. I was in awe of how pretty the movie is (pretty in an cinematic artistic sense) and true, there wasn’t a happy ever after but at least it has a happy ending. Not gonna say more but I’d urge you to go watch it!!

After that we went swimming/ chilling at the sauna & hot pool. Chill till we’re hungry and went for dins!

We almost couldn’t make it to our dinner because we arrived at Waxy O’ Shea’s at 8.45pm and the maître d’ had to go into the kitchen and ask the chef if the kitchen is still open. Luckily it was (phew!). If not, all my dressing up and make up efforts are wasted lor. At that time, I doubt other restaurant is still open so last resort is to eat Chinese takeaway from a box T3T

Still, thankful that that didn’t ruin our Valentine’s celebration.

For starters, we had Seafood Chowder.



It came in this huge ass bowl – sort of like the huge bowl used for tomyam soup at home. I was shocked to see how gigantic it is and was a little worried if we could finish it. And even if we could, we would be full and what about our mains then? Anyway, no time for negative thought. Just dig in!

Greedy me gulped a huge spoonful and it burnt my tongue but don’t care. It’s so creamy and delish! As I’m typing, i’m silently swallowing my saliva. Anyway, because of this yummy experience, the bf gasped excitedly whenever he sees seafood chowder in any cafe. Which is like… always. Haha.

Then came our mains.


The boy chose pork belly. 2015-02-09-21-39-47_deco_1

While i had the Surf & Turf.

In the end, we only finished the meat then doggy-bagged the rest. YES! LEFTOVER! I love leftover food!

Throughout the night, I sneakily asked about my presents. In the past, I was always good at finding loop hole until my ex would reluctantly spill the beans. But with Ozias leh… he is very smart at dodging the question. He is so good at changing topic i can’t even. He will keep avoiding answering my questions but i have the patience to repeat till I get what I want. And he came up with a ridiculous answer which was pfft.

After dinner & grocery, I continued asking him about my present.

Him: Neh the Loreal serum I bought you just now.

Me: Hah my present is only $20 ah?

Him: Wahhhhhhhh (in disbelief that I would say such thing)

Me: Hahaha no la kidding la.

Him: You sad ah your present so cheap?

Me: No la. I’ve always wanted it anyway… so thanks!


Then he asked me to boil the water. I begrudgingly do it while sighing “Haih, come back home still need to kerja (boil water)”

And I heard a very loud thump in the bedroom. And walah!


My prezzies!!!

I squealed in delight but what made me super excited was the book. 50 Shades of Grey book! I asked him why he got me the pillow and his replied, “Because few weeks ago you complained about neck pain so bought you this.” Aww…. melt <3

Umm, wasn’t so happy with the chocs as i’m trying to be in shape BUT I’LL STILL TAKE IT! 😀

A close-up of the chocs.


It’s from The Seriously Good Chocolate Company!!! A couple of weeks ago we went there and check out the coffee but good job bf for thinking ahead of time and got me this. Haha.


The inside – only 9 pieces?! Why so luxurious 1?! I’m hesitant to eat it already. Can i keep it forever?



On the 14th, we popped this open. Although not my fav but still good enough. On the night itself he gave me a small card and i wrote him a letter to fulfill our “gift exchange” ritual LOL.


Now, you must be wondering where’s my present to him right? I am embarrassed to announce that… it is still in progress. I made this something something that requires me to be attentive and detailed oriented. It is so delicate that… it is a really time-consuming project. I reckon it will take another 60 hours to complete. From my rough estimation, a vertical line takes an hour to complete. Huge project with very fine details. Can’t reveal more. I promised the bf to claim it on the 14th March. Fingers crossed it will be done by then la hor.


Okies, thanks for reading. Hope you guys had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your other half and Happy CNY y’all!






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